Half Drugstore/Half Highend || Look

Hey all!

It has just occurred to us that we have yet to do a half drugstore & half highend/expensive makeup! We have done a full face of dupes and full face of our most expensive makeup but not half and half comparison. It is mainly because we love drugstore makeup and it would really have to take something special to get us to sway away from that. Also, by “expensive” or “high end”, we mean more expensive for us (because we are super cheap!) or products/brands that aren’t readily available at Superdrug or Boots. Let’s get to it!

Before we get in to it, have a little look at the picture and see what side you think the drugstore is and what is side the more expensive?


Products Used:

MAC Matchmaster Foundation – 2.0 vs Primark PS My Perfect Colour Foundation – Nude

  • The MAC foundation is far too dark which was weird as it was matched in store. Also had to add another layer on the MAC side as it was getting quite patchy. The Primark side does cling onto texture on the face but we prefer the finish the Primark one.

Revolution Conceal + Define concealer – C1 vs Nabla Close Up Concealer – Ivory

  • This one was hard to judge! Both had decent coverage and finish but the Nabla one smells sooooooo good! It smells like coconut which we like!

Barry M Liquid Chrome – At First Light vs Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Frost – Frozen Peach


  • Now this isn’t an exact dupe – JSC has purple reflects and Barry M has a more metallic finish. But both have that peachy base so that’s why we put them together.

We did put both all over the face not just the cheeks. As you can see they both have similar glow on the cheeks. We prefer the overall glow the Barry M has all over the skin. The purple reflects on the JSC is not for us but it is really pretty nonetheless.

Beauty Bakerie Setting Powder – Translucent vs Barry M Ready Set Smooth Loose Powder

  • Both are quite fine and super smooth. The Barry M one is quite a good affordable dupe of the Beauty Bakerie but they don’t have one for deep skin tones unlike Beauty Bakerie.


  • Both sides also slightly flashback though the left side (Beauty Bakerie – surprise!) is not as bad as the right.

Benefit Hoola vs Revolution Ultra Sculpt + Contour Kit Ultra Light/Medium C04


  • Again not an exact dupe but we also the other side of the Revolution kit as that’s warmer. We do like both of these products. Both perform really well. The Revolution one is just that more affordable.

Benefit Dandelion vs Revolution Vivid Baked Blush – Hard Day


  • Both are pink blush with shimmer in them. The Benefit one is more pink than the Revolution one. But the Revolution one is more glowy so it really depends on what you prefer. The Benefit one does blend better on the cheeks.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien eyeshadow palette vs Revolution Reloaded Iconic Division paletteRevolution Soph XRevolution Soph X Extra Spice

  • So this is where we truly fudged it up! So we got the JSC palette and thought we could dupe it easily with items we already owned – we were wrong!


  • At first we thought the Revolution Macarons palette had similar colours. But when we got to swatching it some more they were all different on the finger which was no good. So pulled out these other palettes and found shades that were closer but not exact dupes. Alien in the JSC palette was hard to dupe. We thought Pine Tree on the original Soph palette might be good but it has a darker green base so it’s not as bright. So we added the lime shimmer from the Revolution Reloaded palette over the top. The only other palette we had that would’ve been close was the green from the Zulu palette by Juvia’s but that’s not drugstore so we didn’t use it.


  • This is our first JSC palette and we can see what the hype is about. The pan size is huge and the colours are so vibrant. Both mattes and shimmers are creamy and smooth and blended really nicely. However, all those drugstore palettes combined are still cheaper than the JSC palette.

BH Cosmetics HD Brow Pencil – Ebony vs ABH Brow Wiz in Ebony

  • BH wins this one. It is far creamier and easier to use than the ABH.

Miss Sporty Pump Up Booster mascara vs Ciate Wonderwand mascara


  • They have similar peanut shaped wand. The Miss Sporty one just gives us more volume than the Ciate one.

Ciate Fierce Flicks vs Lottie London Wing Woman

  • Both of them worked really well. They have quite slim end so getting the liner precise was quite easy. Both are good!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick – Nathan vs The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lip – Crete Carnation


  • We love both of these lipsticks! So this definitely is just down to preference. The JSC one dries down quicker but it’s a comfortable matte that’s lightweight and not drying on the lips. It’s also more opaque. The Body Shop has a more mousse like texture so it feel more moisturising than other lipsticks.

New Look Daily Glow vs Urban Decay All Nighter

  • Honestly we aren’t big setting spray fans but we always go for the All Nighter if ever we need to use one.



More expensive side
Drugstore side.

Did you guess right?


Surprise surprise, we like the drugstore side better – BUT we prefer the eyes on the more expensive side. It’s just so much more vibrant than the other eye. We’re sure that there is something in the drugstore that could contend with the JSC palette but right now, it’s just so pretty. The base on the drugstore side looks much better. Both sides look textured but the foundation on the more expensive one is just a solid no. You can see how patchy it is around the cheeks – super disappointing!

So hopefully we’ve helped you out in finding good dupes – if you have other ones you can recommend, please comment down below and let us know!

Links above are not affiliate links but there to help you out if you want to check the product out.

We hope you like this post and we will see you next time!

peace&love, SJ &Ally xo

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