Primark X Miss Gloria Everyday Goddess Lipstick – Wear Test || Review

Price: £2.50

Comfort: 8/10

Opaque: 9/10

Colour: 9/10

Hey all!

We are big fans of Primark makeup. They are super affordable and can definitely compete with other brands out there. We saw that they had a new line of lipsticks in collaboration with Miss Gloria – a brand that promotes body positivity which we love! Check out their Etsy page for vinyl stickers, T-Shirts and posters. We haven’t really heard much about this collaboration and to be honest we thought it was the coolest packaging so we bought it. There are four bullet lipsticks and they are all matte. We went with the shade Everyday Goddess. It’s a really nice nude shade that’s quite close to our lip colour.


The packaging is really nice and the Miss Gloria illustrations are so cool! That’s definitely what drew us to the product. Like always, I applied it once. I did use a lip scrub before hand. No lip balms, no touch ups, no lip scrubs during the test. And again, I finished the test when it looks like it needs reapplying/looks beyond help!

— ♥ —

First Application – 11:06am

So this did not start well…


In the first swipe – it broke! I hadn’t swatched this before either so applying it on the lips was the first time I had used it. I didn’t twist it up far either so I think it must just be because it’s really soft 🤷🏻‍♀️.


The lipstick itself smells really nice. Usually (and it doesn’t matter whether it’s high end or drugstore) bullet lipsticks can be quite stiff when you first apply it. But this was quite creamy and applied smoothly. The colour is like my lips but better which I’m really into. It feels nice on the lips and not too drying for a matte lipstick.

— ♥ —

1 Hour – 12:06pm


  • First check in – my fiancé and I went for a brunch date. I had a coffee and a bacon sandwich from a local farm shop/cafe which was really good! The sandwich wasn’t particularly greasy so I didn’t think it would rub off quite as much as it has.
  • I can only see a little bit left on my lips. It has also settled into my lines and clung onto to dry areas – which is weird as I used a lip scrub prior to applying.

— ♥ —

2 Hours – 1:05pm


  • Stopping the test here as the lipstick is pretty much gone apart from in the cracks.
  • Strangely my lips do not feel dry or uncomfortable but it looks like it needs a good scrub!!

— ♥ —


TOP: First Application    BOTTOM: 2 Hours

I am really disappointed that this product didn’t last long. In fairness, they never put out any bold claims like it’s long lasting or anything like that. So really, I went into this test completely open and not really knowing anything about it or how it would work.

However, Primark makeup, mostly, never disappoints us. There are some misses but really on the whole, we do like their products but this one is just not what I was expecting. Primark makeup is super affordable so in a way, you do get what you pay for. But it is a matte lipstick. Matte lipsticks tend to be, at least, long lasting but this didn’t even do that. The Soph X Revolution lipstick lasted longer than this and that’s more of a satin.

On a more positive note, this didn’t feel dry on my lips. It was comfortable and I like the colour. I just won’t ever reach for it again mainly because I don’t like that it made my lips look chapped even though it didn’t feel it.

If you’re interested to see what other lipsticks we’ve tested out, check it out here! We have other wear tests coming up so keep your peepers out!

We hope you like this post and we will see you next time!

peace&love, SJ &Ally xo

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