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Hey all!

We won’t lie to you – we love Beauty Bay! They are the best for international brands that we cannot get so easily in the UK like wet n wild, JSC, BH, etc. So it’s no wonder that we’ve managed to collect enough for a full face! Some of these we have reviewed on here and some we have yet to even try so we hope you like it!

This post is not sponsored by the way.


– Products Used –

Mario Badescu Aloe & Rosewater Facial Spray (118 ml – £7/ 236ml – £11)

  • We spritzed this all over the face to start off with. This really helps with any irritation we may have.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation – 1.2Y (£5.90)

  • Don’t think we’ve spoken about this foundation before. It’s not a bad foundation. It has got good coverage and it’s really affordable. We just find it performs better when you apply it with a sponge rather than a brush. Whenever we’ve used a brush, it tends to look really dry and doesn’t melt into the skin.

Revolution Conceal + Define C1 (£4)

  • classic and all time fave!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Frost – Frozen Peach (£23)

  • We recently got this and whilst it’s not our fave liquid highlighter, it is really nice. It has pink/purple reflects to it which we aren’t too sure about. We did put this all over the face (because why not?!) and it looks nice but definitely not a highlight for all over! Aside from the reflects, the peach base does give a nice glow to the skin.


Beauty Bakerie Setting Powder – Translucent (£19.50)

  • We’ve used this powder a couple of times now. We love the packaging – basically all of Beauty Bakerie’s packaging is amazing! This powder is really fine and is great for baking – obviously.

LA Girl Pro Conceal – Toast (£5)

LA Girl Pro Conceal – Light Yellow (£5)

  • We didn’t actually buy the two items from Beauty Bay – we got them from our family holiday to the Philippines last year. But you can buy it from Beauty Bay. Both of these are our go to for colour correcting especially under the eyes. Toast is our go-to whenever we want to cream contour. They have really good coverage and you only need to use a little bit to get the desired coverage.

Revolution Ultra Sculpt + Contour Kit Ultra Light/Medium C04 (£3.50)

wet&wild Mega Glo Highlight – Precious Petals (£3.75)

  • We know we already used the liquid frost but we just love this highlight that we had to use it too. This is super pigmented and shimmery on the skin!

Juvia’s Place The Zulu (£20)

  • By far the best palette you could get from Beauty Bay. We have been talking far too much about this palette recently so if your interested in that check it out here.

BH Cosmetics HD Brow Pencil – Ebony (£7)

  • This brow pencil could really rival the high end/more expensive ones out there. It has a really precise point that you can really finesse your brows with it. It’s creamy and pigmented and well worth a purchase.

(NYX Stacked mascara)

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick – Mannequin (£16)

  • JSC liquid lipstick are some of our favourite lipsticks. The vast shade range is great – not necessarily to wear for all the time but the fun colours are great whenever we want to be more creative with our looks. Mannequin has been raved about since JSC first began really so we thought wed give it a go too. It is a nice nude shade and really you can’t go wrong with a nude lipstick.


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And that’s our look using products from Beauty Bay! The best thing, we think, about Beauty Bay is the array of brands that they carry. It has a good range of affordable products and also high end/expensive products. If you don’t want to spend too much, you can check out the more affordable brands like wet&wild or BH Cosmetics. But if you want to splurge and treat yourself there are plenty to choose from. Like we said earlier, this post is not sponsored but just something we found interesting. Maybe we should do a post for Boots or Superdrug – or just exclusives to those shops? What do you guys think?

We hope you like this post and we will see you next time!

peace&love, SJ &Ally xo

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