BH Cosmetics X Shaaanxo The Remix|| Review&Look

Price : £18 (Beauty Bay)

Blendability: 8/10

Pigmentation: 6/10

Fall Out: some on the palette

Hey all!

Confession time: We have never seen any of Shaaanxo’s videos. We’ve not actively avoided her but we just watch other channels you know? So when my sister purchased this for us to try, I was shocked because we weren’t fans so I was confused why she had bought it. But when it arrived, I could see why! It’s a very interesting palette because it’s an 18 colour palette – 9 pans on one side and 9 other pans on the flip side. We’ve not really seen that before – apart from those huge all-in-one makeup kits from ages ago.

From what we’ve read, the 9 neutral shades are actually from her first collaboration with BH Cosmetics and the 9 pink hued shadows are the new shades for this “remix” palette. The palette is cruelty free and vegan friendly

– Initial Impressions –

  • PACKAGING: there is a mirror on both sides of the palette which is a nice if you just want to take this palette for travelling. The pink and white packaging is pretty. It’s also quite hefty – it doesn’t feel flimsy or like it’s going to break easily. It’s also not a huge palette. For a palette with 18 shadows, it’s very travel friendly and could fit in a travel bag quite easily. 
  • COLOURS: The neutral side is obviously for everyday use. The pink side is more on the “fun” side with the bright pink shadow. It doesn’t have the most exciting of colours but it is a nice contrast to the other side. You can obviously mix and match the shadows and not necessarily stick to just one side. 

– Swatches –

Clarity – Cream 
Holy Grail – Neutral shimmer
Glow Baby – Rose gold 
Buttercup – Tan
Beach Babe – Bronze
Terracotta – Deep orange brown
Toasted – Brown shimmer
Avocado – Deep green/brown
Silhouette – Black


On the neutral side you have everything you could need for an “everyday” look. You also have some deeper shades to create a smokey bronze too. For us, Silhouette could work for filling in our brows too if ever we just used this one palette. The shimmers are okay.  They aren’t the best we’ve tried but they aren’t bad either. The mattes blend really nicely and are nicely pigmented. 


Island Glow – Golden sand 
Need U – Medium brown
Dark Horse – Cool toned dark brown
Dream Girl – Peach shimmer
Stalker – Maroon
Vampette – Deep brown
Bestie – Dusty pink
Lover – Cool toned mauve/lilac
Baby Girl – Bright pink


We do prefer this side more than the other. It just has nicer shades, in our opinion, but it’s also wearable – apart from the bright pink! The shimmers on here aren’t great either. They are just a bit crumbly and lack the shine we want in a shimmer. 

– The Look –

We did two looks – one super simple neutral look and one using the vibrant pink!

Look 1:


So we really wanted to keep this quite simple and we weren’t really feeling any of the shimmers. We took Clarity all over the lid then used Buttercup on the crease. And deepened it all with Terracotta. Finished it with a winged liner and that’s it – SUPER simple! We were really impressed with how fine and smooth the mattes felt when we swatched it. The shimmers were a bit underwhelming and doubt it would have added much to this look if we had used it. If you want to know full list of products used, check out our Instagram.

Look 2:


How could we not use that pink?! Baby Girl worked really well and blended in nicely without disappearing. It also stayed vibrant even when blended with other shades. We then used Lover to deepen the crease and on the outer third of the lid. Lover is a really versatile shadow – if you only use a bit of it, it gives a nice lilac hue but if you layer it, it becomes a nice deep purple colour. We then used both the shimmer shadows from that side (Island Glow on the inner part, Dream Girl on the centre). We thought we would try them out as this is meant to be a more fun look and really the shimmers added nothing. For a full list of products used, check out our Instagram.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We own a couple of BH Cosmetics products and have loved them especially the Weekend Festival palette. This just didn’t really perform as well as we were expecting. The shimmer shadows lacked the shine we wanted and a bit on the crumbly side. The matte shadows are really nice. They feel really smooth and blend really well. It’s not a palette we will reach for often but if we were to travel this could be a good one to take. 

That’s all for now peeps! If you like this make sure to check out our previous eyeshadow review and other posts!

We hope you like this post and we will see you next time!

peace&love, SJ &Ally xo

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