The Zulu by Juvia’s || Review&Look

PRICE: £20 (BeautyBay) / $16 (Juvia’s Place website)



FALL OUT: none

Hey all!

We have had this palette for a while now and have used it for soooooo many looks over on our Instagram. So we thought it’s about time we gave you the full run down of this palette!

This is a 9 pan palette consisting of 6 colourful mattes and 3 metallic shimmer shadows. According to their FAQ, all of Juvia’s products are cruelty free and most are vegan.

– Initial Impressions –

  • really simple packaging. It’s not garish or loud but the illustration on the front is really pretty. It’s nice that there’s a nice colourful, focal point on the front.
  • There’s no mirror – that’s not really an issue for us because we use a separate standalone mirror when we apply makeup. But other people may be bothered by this.
  • Large pans – didn’t quite expect how big the pan size was until we compared it to our other 9 pan palettes! The left is a BH 9 pan palette and Juvia’s is so much bigger.


  • really vibrant colours – this is such a beautiful palette to get the creative juices flowing!

– Swatches –



  • apart from the turquoise, the mattes are really pigmented. The turquoise shadow really needed to be layered on the lid for full opacity. You almost need to be careful with these mattes when applying on the lid. They are really pigmented so a little product on the brush can really go a long way. It’s always easier to build up colour rather overloading the lid and it just going everywhere.
  • These blend effortlessly. They blend really easily and you don’t have to word hard at creating a nice finish.
  • That yellow shadow is the BEST yellow shadow we have come across. Bright yellow shadows are often so disappointing – they either are not pigmented enough or they are almost chalky especially on our tanned complexion. But this is just incredible!


  • In our opinion, these shimmers are exactly how you would want a shimmer shadow to perform. They are really creamy, smooth and feels really fine.
  • The green and pink both have a gold undertone to it and the turquoise has an icy feel to it.
  • Like with every shimmers we use, we tend to apply these with our finger but really these work just as well using a brush. It also doesn’t need setting spray to make the colour pop – it’s already super metallic without any help (of course if you want to be extra shimmery, go for it!).
  • These shadows are also really good even without any eyeshadow primer. We use primer or concealer on the lid, not just for longevity but also to help the colours pop more. But these really work with or with out primer.
  • NOTE: these WILL stain your lids. The pink especially will leave a pink hue on you lid. When we first used it, it left some pink on Ally’s lid even after removing it with eye makeup remover. The others just leaves a bit of colour but the pink it the worst one! So be aware!

– The Looks –

We created two eye looks using the palette. One colourful look and one more “everyday”.


We tried to use as many of the colours as we could just to see how they would work together and it really didn’t disappoint. You can see how vibrant the colours are but you can also see the individual colours even though they are blended. The green against the purple looks really good! We had some difficulties with the purple shadow – it was quite difficult to build colour with it. But once we packed it on, it looks really nice!


We only used 3 colours for this look – yellow as the transition, orange on the crease and the rose gold shimmer for the lid. This was supposed to be a more “everyday” kind of eye look but it soon became apparent that this palette is not really meant for “everyday” – unless of course you wanna rock the colours everyday! This is probably the most subdued look we could come up with!


We love this palette! As mentioned earlier, we’ve been using this palette constantly especially during the halloween and whenever we want to creative some colourful looks.  If you’re looking for a decent, colourful palette then definitely get this! The quality of this product considering how affordable it is – it is well worth the purchase! We got ours from Beauty Bay but you can also get it from their own website.

This has definitely made us more interested in other Juvia’s palettes. What else should we try out? What would you peeps recommend?

We hope you like this post and we will see you next time!

peace&love, SJ &Ally xo

5 Comments Add yours

  1. GemmaEtc says:

    Wow these shades are pretty! I haven’t tried any of the Juvia’s palettes but I really need to xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sahallyloves says:

      They are gorgeous! Yeah it took us a while before we took the plunge and got a palette! It is so worth it xxx


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