Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip – Wear Test || Review

Price: £19.20 (UK)/$20 (US)

Comfort: 7/10

Opaque: 10/10

Colour: 9/10

Hey all!

It’s time for another wear test and it is the first wear test of 2019 so I wanted to make it slightly special by testing out a lip product I have wanted FOR SO LONG! If you are interested in our other wear tests, just click here and check them out.

I have been super interested in Beauty Bakerie products for years now. The packaging for all their products are always so inviting! It has always had such a good reputation and people have always raved about it. The back story of the brand itself and the founder Cashmere is also such an inspiring story and is worth reading about if you ever have the time.

Anyway, the matte Lip Whip has 22 shades that range from nudes to reds to pinks and even a really interesting midnight blue shade too. It is cruelty free, paraben free and vegan. On the website they have a section with tips, guidelines on how to apply and a description:

Our Matte liquid lipsticks are a delightful combination of vibrant colors and a velvety texture that will last from morning coffee through an evening swim. Whatever adventure you’re on, go about your day confidently wearing these trusty smudge-proof treats. Our water and kiss proof Lip Whip formula goes on wet and dries to a true matte finish. This ‘Holy Grail’ of long-lasting liquid lipstick is the perfect touch to a simple look or the ultimate accessory to top off a glam outfit. Our lightweight liquid matte lipstick will hold up through sweet smooches, long sips, and accidental swipes.

There are a lot of claims in the description about this product so I have highlighted them and will use those to judge the performance of the lipstick. Smudge proof? Water proof? AND kiss proof? Those are some bold claims!

The shade I will use is I Like to Chai Chai (the name sold it to me tbh) which is a really pretty rosy nude. A much lighter nude than what I would normally go for but it just looked very pretty (and the name is AMAZING) that I wanted to try it. Like always, I applied it once. No lip balms, no touch ups, no lip scrubs during the test. And again, I finished the test when it looks like it needs reapplying/looks beyond help!


— ♥ —

First Application 8:45am

First Application – I Like to Chai Chai
  • First of all THE PACKAGING! As you can see from the cover photo, the liquid lipstick component itself is so pretty but little box it comes in also so nice – definitely going to keep it!
  • it has a tear drop applicator which distributed the product evenly on the lip.
  • really opaque when applied and really smooth on.
  • really sticky once dried – I put my lips together and it would stick together.
  • Not very comfortable on so far.
  • No transfer at all once dried.


— ♥ —

2 Hours – 10:53am


  • First check in – my sister, fiancé and I went and hung out, grabbed some food. We shared bubble waffle and had some Japanese bbq. The lipstick did not budge despite me eating a few sauce-laden skewers.
  • The sticky feeling is now all gone but my lips felt dry and looks a lot drier than it did a couple of hours ago.



— ♥ —

4.5(ish) Hours – 1:30pm


  • It has cracked on my lips making it look really dry.
  • But my lips do feel pretty dry – I was constantly drinking water all day!


  • It has only faded a little bit and that’s mostly on the inner part of my lips.
  • The fading isn’t too noticeable and the colour still looks really nice.


— ♥ —

10.5(ish) Hours – 7:20pm


  • I had to stop the test here as I was going to bed (I work early mornings).
  • The colour is still a little vibrant and apart from the cracks on the lips, it still doesn’t look bad overall.
  • My lips do look super dry but not to the point where is was really uncomfortable.
  • It has staying power!


— ♥ —


TOP: first application   BOTTOM: 10.5 hours later

First of all, let’s see it performed vs the description:

  • “will hold up through sweet smooches, long sips, and accidental swipes.” “smudge-proof” “water and kiss proof “– I do agree with these. I had quite bit to eat that day (don’t judge!) that was covered in some sort of sauce and it did hold on.
  • “vibrant colors” – Granted the liquid lipstick itself isn’t like a bright colour however, the colour did last all day. Minus some fading in the inner part the colour hasn’t changed much from first application.
  • “lightweight” – I’m not too sure about this one. It isn’t a heavy feeling formula and did become really comfortable as the day progressed. But when first applied, I was very aware that I had lipstick on if you know what I mean? I have other liquid lipstick that feel like nothing on and I prefer those.

All in all, I do like this liquid lipstick. It has got staying power and if I was going out and want a lipstick that will last this will be my go to. This would be really good if you’re going out for dinner as it just does not budge. The colour is also very nice and surprised me as I don’t normally go for light shades like this but it is really nice. The packaging is also gorgeous!

That’s all for now lovelies! We hope you like our post and as always links are NOT affiliate links, we just put them there so you can find it if you are interested :). We’ll see you soon!





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