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Hey all!

Sarah did her everyday makeup look and this time it’s my turn!

Much like Sarah, I don’t wear a full face of makeup. I only use a few products as I want just a light layer. I don’t use foundation or concealer. I work behind a desk everyday and don’t really meet customers so I have no real need to look glam 😂. I love makeup but I love sleep more as that is the best skincare in the world. Sometimes though if I’m feeling extra – or have a bit of extra time – I apply a bit of eyeshadow but just a bit on my crease and a shimmer all over. That doesn’t happen often though!

This is my basic everyday make up look that’s quick and easy!

Step 1 –

I wash my face and moisturise. I use a moisturiser that’s for combo/oily skin as I do get greasy during the day.


I then spritz the Mario Badescu facial spray all over my face. This smells sooooo good! It also soothes my face and removes any irritations I may have. I spray this on my face and pat it dry with my fingers.

Step 2 –


This BH Cosmetics brow pencil (ebony) is really creamy and pigmented. It’s actually a lot better than a lot of high end brow pencils I’ve tried. It’s such a good affordable pencil.


I first comb out my brows using the comb at the end of the pencil. Then I line the bottom arch to define it more. I then line all the way to the tail end. I move on to the top arch and add light strokes to fill in any sparse areas.

Step 3 –


This Sleek brow kit has shaping wax on one side and a powder on the other. I only use the powder side though. Using the powder, I add more strokes – mainly on the tail end – to add more dimension and make it look full. I don’t like blocky brows and this really helps make it look full but slightly natural. I have full brows anyway and this routine just enhances it.

Sometimes I use a black mascara as a brow gel just to set everything. I don’t do this everyday. Just when I only do my brows for the day.

Step 4 –

I then move on to my eyes. I curl my lashes with my lash curlers. I’m quite lucky as I have quite long lashes but curling it just enhances them a bit more and makes it look fluttery.


I love this Miss Sporty mascara (sorry peeps, no link as I think this may be discontinued now) because any Miss Sporty mascaras are affordable. I prefer long lashes rather than voluminous ones and this mascara gives me that. The wand distributes the product evenly too. I use 2 to 3 layers of the mascara. I don’t do the bottom lashes as I don’t think it suits my eyes. It makes it look too open.

Step 5 –


This Jeffree Star lip scrub is a new addition to our collection. I’ve been wanting to try his lip scrubs for so long and finally managed to get some on sale. I used to use the MAC lip scrub but this is much better. The MAC one is much finer than the JSC one so it doesn’t scrub off as much. Both taste delicious though! To be honest any lip scrub is good, just make sure it’s chunky as it will be a better exfoliant.

I always exfoliate my lips before putting on any lip product as I want a nice smooth canvas for my lipstick.

Step 6 –


This is my most used lip liner. It’s a liner that comes in a lip kit from Barry M. I don’t always use it with the corresponding liquid lip because it goes with a few of my lipsticks.


I overline my lips too to make it look plump. I also only do the outline on my lips and don’t fill in all with my lip liner.

Step 7 –


This liner and lip stick combo is my usual everyday mix. I use this Jouer lip creme all over my lips and slightly over the liner to blend it together.

This lip creme smells really sweet which I like. It’s a matte formula but it’s not drying on the lips at all and super comfortable for all day wear. But if you eat anything oily during the day, it will come off.


As you can see, it’s a nice mauve-nude shade – perfect for everyday! It works really well with the liner too. It’s lighter than the liner which then just makes my lips look plump ☺️.

And here it is…!

left side of the picture (my right side) is the makeup side — right side of the picture (my left side) is the no makeup

Like I said earlier, this is by no means a glam or full face of makeup. There’s not much difference there between the two sides but it does make me look more awake. Just something really quick to do in the mornings when I want to look presentable!

That’s all for now peeps and see you next time!

PS: if you are new here, Hi! Also any links we post on our pages are NOT affiliate links nor do we get any commission from them. We just put them there for your ease. They tend to be UK sites just because that’s where we usually get them from. We will always be honest with you all and let you know if ever we were lucky enough to have those links ☺️.



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