BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival Eyeshadow Palette || Review&Look

Price : £10.00 (currently on sale on Beauty Bay, was £20.00)

Blendability: 9/10

Pigmentation: 9/10

Fall Out: a little bit

Hey all!

We have not done a good old fashioned eyeshadow palette review for a while now – the one we did was our review on the The Vault palettes. So what better time to do a review? Also it’s been so miserable (weather wise) where we are that focusing on this bright colourful palette is honestly giving us life!

We have had this palette for a couple of months now. Playing with it every so often and checking out the shadows. It has 20 shadows – 7 matte shades and 13 shimmer shades. As the name suggests, it’s definitely a summer festival palette made for creating fun looks. It is also cruelty free, dermatologist tested and gluten free.

Initial Impressions

  • Packaging – it’s got a nice sturdy packaging. Not heavy but also quite weighty. Love the sunset colours as it immediately pops and screams for your attention. The shiny embossing is also nice. This is our first BH palette so we’re not sure if their packaging is always this cute but like it. It has a mirror in it so it is great for taking to festivals. The mirror, in our opinion, could be a bit bigger as there’s a lot empty space above it that could’ve been used. But that’s nit picking. 
  • Colour Combo/Scheme – it’s the first palette we’ve seen with more shimmers than mattes. There doesn’t seem to be a specific arrangement of the shadows. It kind of feels a bit chaotic but fun chaotic – much like a festival! We like the placements because it does look fun and really reminds us of summertime. 

The Mattes


From left to right, the mattes are:

Escape – rusty brown

Hippie – bright orange

Dippie – hot pink

Swag – purple (according to the website it’s plum)

Electric – baby pink

Palooza – aquamarine/turquiose

Hipster – dark brown

We are really impressed with these matte shadows. Super bright colours are often hard to get right and they can be quite patchy. These shadows blend really well with no patchiness. They are shadows that NEED to layered in order to get the colour that’s on the palette. If you want it super bright, one layer is not going to be enough. You will need to keep adding to get the brightness you want. For us, we don’t mind that. It’s an affordable palette so we were not expecting BAM! pigment. But also it’s nice to be able to control the brightness and depth of colour. This kind of preference is going to subjective to you and how you personally like shadows to perform. 

Now when we first got this, we were like “oh no, we wish there was a more muted brown to use as transition” but really come to think of it, it really doesn’t need it. You’re going to be able to find that transition shade in ANY palette now. We like how true to the theme this palette is. 

– The Shimmers


For some strange reason instead of going across the palette, we went down column by column. 

Trixie – cream

Trance – sea blue

Kandi – coral

Flash – copper

Ultimate – aquamarine/turquoise

Wicked – purple with blue undertones

Spirit – icy white

Neon – neon green with gold glitter

Carnival – gunmetal grey

Magical – yellow gold

Solstice – bronzey brown with purple/pink glitter

Euphoria – vibrant mustard yellow

Boho – rose gold

The shimmers in the palette are a mixture of metallic, satin and some have glitter speckles in it. All of them are super creamy to touch. We do use our fingers when applying these shimmers because we all know that that is the best way of apply shimmer shades. Wicked and Spirit are duo chrome and when we played with the swatches, it has an icy blue shine on both shadows. Apart from Kandiwhich is more a satin finish, the shimmers are absolutely gorgeous. And because there are 13 to choose from, it’s quite fun to mix and match the shadows to see what goes with what. 

We would recommend using a glitter primer if you want to use the shadows with glitter – Solstice and Neon. Just to make sure that the flecks of glitter sticks to the eye. We didn’t realise that we needed to do that in our look 😔….

The Look


… and the glitter kind of went over the cut crease! Apart from that, we really like how this eye look turned out. It looks super fun and the neon green is just so pretty. 

We first stamped Dippie along the crease. Stamping just made the shadow more opaque. We then blended Electric on the edge to create a soft blend. Then added a bit of Hippie in the crease to intensify it some more.

We then half cut the crease with concealer and didn’t set it. We then added Spirit on the inner part. We wanted a pop of colour but didn’t want to go for something “safe” like bronze or the gold. So we went for Neon because brightness of that green just screams festival! So we added that onto the middle part.

Then using Swag, we added that to the outer section of the lid and blended into the green to make it look seamless. We then used Escape and Hipster right on the edge. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that’s our eye look using the BH Cosmetics Weekend palette.



We really like this palette. Honestly if you like bright colours and want to creative fun looks without spending a load of money then grab this palette. Even if you like more muted colours, there’s enough here to create an “ordinary” look – but really if that’s what you want, this probably isn’t the palette for you. 

It’s affordable, it performs well and the colours are great!


That’s all for now lovelies and we’ll see you soon!



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