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Hey all!

A bit of backstory, I only wear makeup when I go to work/when I have time. I have sensitive skin so I’m afraid that wearing a full face of makeup would irritate my skin. Even when I was younger, I never really wore full face/full coverage makeup as I was always too lazy 🤣.

The main reason I started wearing makeup more often is because of work. I work super early in the mornings which means getting up early – which also means under eye bags have come in full force! It also gives me more confidence in the mornings and makes me feel way more awake and ready for the day. It’s still a super light layer with minimal product.

Step 1 –

Every morning I cleanse, tone, moisturise and use under eye cream – if you would like a skin routine post, let me know!

I also let the moisturiser time to settle into the skin. I don’t know if it makes any difference at all but for me the time helps it sink in to the skin before I add anything on top.


After my skincare I spritz this Superdrug Hydrating Mist all over my face. I have combination skin – I have parts of my face (mainly my T-zone) that get super greasy but I also have super dry patches which can often get so bad it itches. I’ve been using this for a few months and since using it, my dry patches have gone down and not as red as before.

It also creates a nice base as it leaves the skin slightly tacky ready for makeup. I spritz it all over the face and dry with a fan/a bit of card I found lying around 🤣.

Step 2 –


I use the Collection Lasting Perfection in Warm Medium 3. I apply these just under my eyes and any blemishes or redness.

I concentrate the majority of the product around the cheek and work towards my eyes. I find that this stops the concealer from creasing under the eye. I use my ring finger (clean obvs!) to blend. I just prefer it as I have more control of where the product goes.

Step 3 –

Straight after the concealer in then use the MUA Translucent Pressed Powder under the eye and all over the face.


I use this powder all over my face because it helps control shine as well as set my concealer. To make extra sure this holds for ages, I spritz a bit more if the mist all over. The mist then mixes in with the powder and help it melt together.

Step 4 –

Then I move on to doing my brows. I start with mapping to the initial shape that I want using the MUA Pro Brow kit.


Once I’ve mapped it out, I then use the MUA Brow Define mascara all over my brows. This fills out any sparseness in the brows and brushes through the powder to make it look more natural.


Step 5 –

To finish, I use Rimmel Natural Bronzer on the cheeks to bring back colour and warmth to my face.


This bronzer was a last minute buy because I really needed a bronzer for a film I was doing and didn’t have time to go to my sister’s house so I just bought this. And it looks waaayyy too orange but once applied it looks really good on the skin. It’s not crazy pigmented which is good as it can be layered. It also has a subtle glow that looks so good on the skin!

And here it is….!

Before – After

As you can see, there’s not a crazy transformation! My everyday makeup look is mainly to hide and even things out on my face. This works for me as it’s quick and if I want to extra “glam”, I can add lipstick or more eye makeup. It’s just nice and versatile!

That’s all for now and keep an eye out for Ally’s everyday makeup look.


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