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Hey all!

We saw this theme going round a few months ago and we’ve only just got round to doing it ourselves! Like all makeup lovers, our drawers have become waaaaay too full and it was time for a detox. We rooted through the drawers and picked out items that we either haven’t used in a while and have expired or just haven’t worked for us. We were going to donate them to a shelter but all of these products are old and pretty expired so it would have been awful if we donated them. Also absolutely no shade to ANY of the brands mentioned on this post. Just these certain products didn’t work for us!

The Look



Benefit That Gal Primer 

– this was a mini one from a set a couple of years ago! So it’s super old and really greasy feeling.

New Look No Shine Matte Foundation (discontinued)

– so we messed up with the purchase of this one! We got the wrong shade and it was way too light which obviously doesn’t help it much. But it’s also not a nice foundation when it’s on. Because it’s a matte foundation, it’s super drying on the skin and doesn’t look good on top either.

Natural Collections Cover Up Cream in Fair (discontinued)

– this one just blended into nothing. It gave little to no coverage.

Freedom Pro Highlight in Ambient (discontinued but still available on the Revolution website)

– this was one of the first highlighters we bought so it’s quite old. It’s not a “glowy” highlight. It’s very much a subtle glow. We used to use it as an all over powder if we ever wanted a subtle glow. Nothing wrong with it really but we needed to detox!

Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Cream Kit

– again nothing wrong with it as a product. We did use this a few times ages ago and it did work really well. We just stopped using it and it had dried up. Nowadays we prefer to powder contour as cream contour doesn’t always work for us.

MUA Sunkissed Bronze

– this bronzer is a good bronzer and really for the price, it’s a great starter bronzer to use. We have just found other bronzers we prefer.

Collection Blush in Bashful

– this again was one of the first makeup items we owned. It’s pink colour and it blends nicely. It’s also not super intense so you can work it better on the cheeks without looking like a doll. Again the main issue is that it’s old and expired.

Barry M Cosmic Lights highlight palette

– when we bought this for a look ages ago, this may have been the only highlight that Barry M did. So we bought it and really was a silly idea. Out of the 6 shades, two were powders and the rest were this waxy balm highlight that just didn’t work well for us. The powder highlighters are quite chunky too.img_0610

As you can see, it does give a pretty glow, but you will get glitter all over the rest of your face which isn’t nice.

Kiko Milano Natural concealer 04 (discontinued)

– this is also just old and maybe because it’s old, that it just doesn’t have any coverage. When we first got it, it was really good at hiding any redness around the nose especially.



Soap&Glory Archery DIY Brow Bar

– this product was just confusing. The shades are completely not anybody’s eyebrow colour. So we first thought we must have picked up the wrong shade – nope! It’s a “one-for-all” kind of kit. Both powders were too light for both of us and the wax was not nice. The shimmer was okay but nothing amazing.

New Look Brow Crayon (discontinued)

– another confusing product! It’s a double ended crayon with one end a matte highlight and an illuminating highlight on the other end. The illuminating end makes sense because it highlighted the brow arch when we used it. But the matte end has no use for us at all.

I Heart Revolution Explicit Content eyeshadow palette (discontinued)


– Part of us is really gutted that we forgot all about this palette! The colour scheme reminds us so much of the KKW x Mario palette – a lot of warm shades with pops of blues and that reddish shade. If you want to see the full palette, check out Thou Shalt Not Covet as she did swatches etc. It’s really good! Anyway, considering how old this is (2 years old approx.) the shimmer’s are still creamy and looks really good on the lid. The matte shades weren’t as good but that’s okay.

Sleek Full Fat Lash mascara (discontinued)

– this doesn’t do anything at all. Just darkens the lashes a bit but it gives no volume, not lengthening. Just a nope mascara!



New Look Matte Lipstick in Americano (discontinued)

– we used to really love this lipstick! It was quite comfortable on and the colour is just beautiful. The colour is still very nice but the lipstick itself is quite stiff and dry.


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That’s all for now folks! See you next time!


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