Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink – Wear Test || Review

Price: £9.99

Comfort: 9/10

Opaque: 10/10

Colour: 10/10

Hey all – Sarah here!

It has been a little while now since our last wear test and this product has been popping up on our socials recently so I thought I’d take it for a test!

Maybelline has had their Matte Ink range for a while now but a not so long ago they released more shades called The UnNudes. There was 10 liquid lipsticks ranging from pale lilac to a peachy nude. On the website, it is described to have:

an intense ink colour concentration, ultra-chic matte finish and flawless, 12 hour wear.

I have highlighted the parts that I used to judge the lipstick’s performance – after all “12 hour wear” is a huge claim that I am willing to test out! The shade I have used is Fighter 75 which is a nice pumpkin kind of colour. Like always, I applied it once. No lip balms, no touch ups, no lip scrubs during the test. And again, I finished the test when it looks like it needs reapplying/looks beyond help!

First Application – 10:27am

First Application – Fighter 75
  • it smells really nice. Not a chemically smell which is lovely and pleasant
  • one swipe coverage – doesn’t end up patchy. Fully covered my lips upon application.
  • The applicator is really good – the tear drop shape helped the product not go everywhere. The middle part hold product which then distributes it well on the lips.
  • doesn’t feel drying but you are aware that it’s on.
  • a bit sticky and tacky while it’s drying.


After brunch – 12:00pm


  • had a full English breakfast – it was from a really nice cafe so it wasn’t crazy greasy. The lipstick still stayed on even on the centre. It just looked slightly more dull than before.
  • still quite sticky when I put my lips together.


5 hours – 3:45pm


  • colourwise, it still looks good. Not patchy at all and you still cannot see my natural lips.
  • my lips did look and feel dry –  as you can see form the pictures, my lips have dry flecks on it.


11 hours – 9:55pm


Excuse the skin peeps! My skin was not loving me that day!
  • very nearly went to sleep with it still on!
  • It became more lightweight as the day went on. A lot less sticky which was nice because sticky lipsticks are just not nice in my opinion.
  • I did check on it in between the ‘official’ checks but not much happened so I didn’t note anything down.
  • The centre is pretty much all gone but the edges are staying strong!
  • It came off relatively easy on the lips – it was more difficult to take off on the skin where I overlined.



First of all, let’s see it performed vs the claims on their website:

  • “intense ink colour concentration” – I would agree with that. The colour, especially when first applied and a couple of hours after, is super intense and vibrant.
  • “matte finish” – definitely matte. My lips looked hella dry by the end of the day.
  • “flawless, 12 hour wear” – so it did almost last 12 hours and this is by far the longest wear test we’ve done. But flawless? No. After 11 hours my lips were dry and patchy and really not nice to look at.

Overall, it is a very good liquid lipstick with staying power – providing you top it up as you go. The stickiness is a little off putting because I like lipsticks to feel lightweight like there is almost nothing there. And the stickiness just makes it more uncomfortable on coz my lips would get all tacky when I put them together. Ally also pointed out that this particular shade is a good dupe for Pumpkin by Kylie Cosmetics. The colours in this range are super nice and if I was feeling particularly brave, I’d probably try out the more colourful ones. Would I wear this again? Not everyday but occasionally I would reach for it.

As always, see you guys again soon!


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