First Impressions (I Heart Revolution, Primark, Barry M, Revolution Pro etc…) || Look

Hey all!

We have been gone again for some time now and we are so sorry! We did post an explanation over on our Instagram if you weren’t aware why we’ve been MIA…

But at least we are back now! With a full(ish) face of first impressions! These products have been out for a while but we’ve only just got round to playing with them – the beauty industry is constantly coming out with new stuff that it’s so hard to keep up!


We decided on something super glam and glowy that matched the dramatic lashes from Primark perfectly!



Revolution Pro Pore Primer  – like any silicone primer. Not tacky but the skin feels really smooth and soft.

Primark PS My Perfect Colour Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation in Toffee – we picked up the wrong shade but it’s not too bad. It’s definitely just for the summer though!  It also has SPF15 which is always a plus! It has a matte finish which we tend to be dubious of as it can be quite drying on the skin. The end result with the concealer and powder, does look quite dry so we will have to try it again.

Revolution Pro Full Cover Camo Concealer in C2 – super full coverage concealer! Really thick consistency which didn’t help with the dry finish. A little definitely goes a long way! It comes in a small component but we think that could last you a while. We will have to try it again with less this time.

NYX HD Powder

Revolution Ultra Sculpt + Contour Kit Ultra Light/Medium C04

Barry M Baked TriBlend Highlight Silver Solstice – 


Our fave of all the new products here! It is really blinding and gives off such a pretty metallic finish.


You can swirl the brush to get a metallic peachy highlight or use the individual triangles as highlight. The swatch ^^ doesn’t do this justice. It doesn’t have a smooth consistency and is quite chunky when you swatch it. But once applied to the skin, it really just melts in and looks super nice!



I Heart Revolution Violet Chocolate Palette


We love purple so when this palette was announced we were so excited! It doesn’t blend well on the eye. The shadow Amethyst came across quite sheer so that needed layering. We may have to do a full review on this soon!

Revolution Renaissance Flick eyeliner – it has a precise and small nib. It would’ve been better if it was a brush tip with actual bristles as it was quite stiff when we used it. It’s a nice pigmented black colour.

Primark Aqua Lash mascara

Primark Princess Ariel Mermaid Lashes


Not your everyday lashes! They look like they are individual lashes stuck on! If you are feeling super extra, these lashes are for you – and it’s only £2!



Revolution Pro Matte Lip Pigment in Pretence – this product was so confusing! First of all, it smells awful! Just like paint which really sucked as we love a nice smelling lip product. It’s directly under the nose so a bad smelling lip stick can really put one off! The packaging it super sleek and chic. The colour is a really nice cool toned brown which really attracted us to it. It’s quite a thick consistency – not runny and a bit mousse-like. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky.



If we were to recommend any of these products, it would be the highlighter! It is so worth the money and looks so nice. Next would have to be the lashes – we know it’s super extra and really not for everyday use. But once it’s on, it is hella pretty!

Just to let you know, the links above are not affiliate links – just something to make it easier for y’all if you are interested in the products 🙂

Hope you all have a great day and see you next time!


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