The Vault Collection – Morphe X Jaclyn Hill || Looks & Review

Hey all!

Since starting our makeup accounts, the word on everybody’s lips was always MORPHE. Gurus left, right and centre have always raved about them. We hadn’t really bought any thing from them mainly because there were other products or launches that we were more hyped for. We have a Morphe brush set that was a gift. The eye brushes are nice and we’ve never had a problem with them. But we also never really use the face brushes in that set because we have others that we just prefer. So when they started to ship to the UK from their own website, we had a little look and thought why not try a palette? And of course, what better palette (or palettes) to try than the much publicised THE VAULT collection that was a collaboration with Jaclyn Hill.

Over these last few days we have been playing with them and created eye looks with each of the palettes which we will share with you. So the collection is £49 or if you want the palettes individually they are £15. Price-wise it’s not too bad – £49 for 4 palettes isn’t a bad deal at all. We haven’t watched anyone’s reviews on these even when it was first launched. So we are going into this completely unbiased and with knowledge we only got from the website and our own findings.

– – ❀ – –

1)    R I N G   T H E   A L A R M


This is a really warm fiery palette with 5 shimmers and 5 matte shades. For some, this may be a good everyday palette if you’re really into the warm shadows. You can definitely create a full look with this palette – it has the transitions, the shimmers and the dark mattes to create depth. And likewise, you can also create something simple and quick using just a couple of the shadows.



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The shadow On Camera really drew us in so we wanted to create a look around it. So we did a half cut crease and also used Lolli on the inner part of the lid to create dimension on the lid. We used Rush, Alert and Mugshot on the crease and layered it to build up colour. After adding the shimmers, we then added depth on the outer corner using Secret. For a full list of products used, click here.

So here our thoughts:

  • SHIMMERS – really buttery and creamy when you touch them. They applied really well on the lid. Shimmer shadows tend to work better with a fix spray or when you use your finger. But these applied just as well with a brush. Which we love because it’s hard to distribute product especially in the inner corner with your finger. Apart from Lolli and On Camera, the other shimmers were a bit dull when applied and really lacked that shine you want from a shimmer.
  • MATTES – they are nice and work fine. Not overly pigmented that it just spreads colour everywhere but are buildable. Framed is so difficult to blend. We didn’t use it on the eye look, so we played around with it but it just clung onto patches of the eye and just stay there. And before it gets pointed out, we used our Morphe brushes with these looks. Secret also needs to be layered in order to create the same depth of colour that’s in the pan. When it is first applied, it seems a lot lighter than what it is on the palette, so it needs to be built up for it to match the colour and that’s not great.
  • We didn’t get much kickback on the palette. There were some but nothing crazy enough for us to get mad about.

– – ❀ – –

2)    A R M E D   A N D   G O R G E O U S


This palette has 4 shimmer shadows and the 6 mattes. It’s got a few warm shadows in there like in the previous palette. But it has this really pretty yellow/mustard shadow called Access and Top Secret, which is an army green colour. This is probably our least favourite palette out of all them…



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So for this look, we started with Access on the crease as our transition and blended that up to the brow bone. We then layered on Secure, Top Secret and Prowl. Again we did a half cut crease – just because it’s one of the best ways to try as many of the shadows as we could. We used VIP on the inner part, Gilt Trip on the centre and Coin on the rest of the cut crease. And then used Prowl on the outer edge. For all the products used, click here.

  • SHIMMERS – The shimmer shades, we feel are the best things about this palette. Really creamy and applied really well. All of them are super shiny even Classified which is a dark bronze-y shade. The one negative would be that VIP was slightly chunky when we first applied it. But once patted on and set, it was fine.
  • MATTES – The mattes really let this palette down we think. Top Secret especially is just not nice to work with. When you first open the palette, your eyes are immediately drawn to that cool army green because it stands out in the sea of warmth. And because of that “uniqueness” in the palette, one would think it would work the best. It applies patchy and doesn’t blend in well with the other shadows which is bizarre. Access was fine all over the crease. Secure and Access together didn’t blend well. Then when Top Secret is added, it just turned into a muddy mess that took so long to blend. At first we thought it may have been the brush, so we tried other ones and it just wouldn’t budge. Prowl is also a fail for us. You can probably tell on the outer edge just how patchy it is. It didn’t want to stick to that corner even when you use a packing brush.
  • There is a positive – kickback on the palette was minimal and barely any on the face.

– – ❀ – –

3)   D A R K   M A G I C


A very different palette than the other two. It’s really for more smokey and sultry looks. The colour combo reminds us of ABH Subculture shades. It has 3 shimmer shadows and 1 glitter shadows and the rest are mattes.



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Starting with Poof all over the lid, we then added Shhh, Potion and Busted on the crease. We wanted to create something more dramatic to match the palette. We wanted the intensity to be in the centre of the lid. So we used Powercut right in the middle and used Trickery and a bit of Temptress on the edges. For all the products used on this look, check out our IG.

  • SHIMMERS – Power Cut is really reflective metallic shade. The other are not so much. Trickery is quite patchy on the lid and when we tried to blend it in. It lost its shine. Temptress really confuses us. We wouldn’t use it as a shimmer because it’s not shiny enough. But it’s also not a matte because it has big bits of glitter in it. When we used it, it seemed like it was going to be good as it did pack on quite well. But when you blended out the edges, it just clung onto the lid and didn’t shift at all. We ended up with the glitter in places we didn’t want it.
  • MATTES – again it’s really difficult to blend. Busted especially was difficult to blend out and once you do, it just ruined the pigmentation.
  • There was more fallout on the palette than the others too.

– – ❀ – –

4)    B L I N G   B O S S


This palette has 5 shimmers, 1 glittery and 4 mattes shadows. We like the shadow Gem – it just pops! It’s very much a “night out” kind of palette – very glam and smokey.



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We used Hush Hush as the transition shade. Then added Rockstar and Mystic on the crease. For the spotlight, we cut the centre of the lid and used Gem on the bottom close to the lash line and the edges. Then used Ballsy on the rest of the spotlight. Added a bit of Mystic to add dimension to the inner and outer corners. All the products used listed here.

  • SHIMMERS – Ballsy is a really gorgeous pink/mauve shimmer. Really shiny! Gem is nice but did need layering in order to get the shine we wanted. Pizzaz does lack the shine we want from a shimmer. Berry Treasure is a black with pink and gold glitter. Much like Temptress from the previous palette, it would’ve been better if this was just a matte because the glitter goes everywhere.
  • MATTES – these weren’t as patchy as the other mattes from the other palettes. Hush Hush is a really nice transition shade. It just created a nice blend with the other shadows. They all blended better too.
  • There is more fallout on this palette than the others.

– – ❀ – –


Out of the 4 palettes in the collection, we really only recommend two of them. Ring the Alarm and Bling Boss for us, worked the best. The only redeeming shadows in Armed and Gorgeous are the shimmers and to be honest you can get similar shimmers in other palettes. They are all difficult to blend and to work with. You definitely shouldn’t use these palettes if you were in a rush. You would need ample time in order to make them work. The standouts for these palettes are the shimmer shadows. Though not all performed as we would like, they are really creamy and buttery. And worked well with a brush which rarely happens with shimmer shadows. We usually use something to help it stick, but these didn’t need much help. Are they worth the money? Honestly, it’s not. Although it’s not a bad price point, performance-wise, you could probably get better for cheaper in Boots or Superdrug.

Well, we hope you like this and have a great day!


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