Our Current Favourites || Review

Hey all!

It has been a while since we posted a favourites post so we thought we would gather up our everyday current faves and share them with you! These products are what we have been loving and using on the daily recently. We hope you like it!

– – ❀ – –

Ally 1) Cherry Wet – Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick – £16


This is from the 2018 summer collection. Usually I am a nude lipstick kinda girl, but this is such a beautiful vibrant pink colour. It’s been a really hot, sunny summer here in England and this lipstick really complimented that. Plus it fulfilled my fantasy to be Cheryl Blossom even just for a day!

– – ❀ – –

Sarah 1) Fudge – Soph X Revolution Lipstick – £4


I did a wear test on this lipstick recently and after that I have been loving it! It has a nice creamy consistency that doesn’t feel greasy on the lips unlike a lot other lipsticks. My lips always feel nice after wearing it which I don’t always get with a matte lipstick. It’s not a long lasting lipstick as it is more on the satin side. But it’s a lovely colour and really comfortable on.

– – ❀ – –

Ally 2) Dark Brown – Revolution Beauty Brow Tint – £5


I work a 9-5 job and have to travel quite a bit which means getting up early. However, sometimes I like to get the extra 10mins here and there, and this product helps me have that little lie in! I use this the night before and I am sorted for a couple of days! I do wish they had a straight up black colour because it is a bit lighter than my actual brow hairs.

– – ❀ – –

Sarah 2) Black – NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade – £6.50


I tend to use 2 brow products as I think it creates a better shape to the brows. I love this pomade because it doesn’t dry out in the pot which other pomades we’ve used have. It’s creamy and spreads really well when applied. Also it doesn’t budge throughout the day, even after going to the gym. I like to use it to outline the initial shape I want and to define  and add more hairs a la Valentina!

– – ❀ – –

Ally 3) Life’s A Drag – Lunar Beauty – £37


I think this palette is super handy to have. I like that there is a more everyday side, which I use when I’m getting ready for work. And the bright side is great for more fun, colourful looks. For us, the more neutral side is quite versatile. Shady can be used as our brow powder and Hunty can work as a light contour. This palette would be great for travelling especially if you have parties to go to.

– – ❀ – –

Sarah 3) Dark Brown – MUA Brow Define Mascara – £2


I use this and the brow pomade on the daily! If I’m feeling particularly lazy/running extra late (as you do), I just brush this over my brows and I’m good to go. It’s not crazy pigmented which I like. I like to be able to control and build how my brows look rather than just having colour there instantly. It’s also SUPER affordable which is always a plus!

– – ❀ – –

Ally 4) Stacked – NYX Super Luscious Mascara – £7.50


I like how separating the wand is and it doesn’t leave my lashes looking clumpy. My lashes look fluttery and fresh which I like. The wand is also long on one side and short on the other – which is great for the bottom lash line! Mascara then doesn’t smear all over my face and allows for a more precise application.

– – ❀ – –

Well that’s it for now lovelies! We hope you have a great day!




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