L’Oreal Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Les Chocolats – Wear Test || Review

Price: £8.99

Comfort: 7/10

Opaque: 10/10

Colour: 10/10

Hey all – Sarah here!

It’s another wear test! We got a couple of new lipsticks recently and of course, the only way to review them is to do a wear test. I know we’ve been doing this a lot recently so if you aren’t keen or want us to change it up, please let us know!

L’Oreal has recently released a full Les Chocolat collection with 12 lipsticks. They mostly range from light, pinky nude to dark, chocolate (well of course!) nude. There is also a beautiful ruby red in the collection.

On the website, the collection is described:

Les Chocolates Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick has a melt-proof formula so you can forget your lip colour smudging or budging, for up to 12 hours. The lightweight lip colour formula is comfortable to wear and doesn’t crack, crumble or flake. Enriched with ultra-saturated pigments for an intense colour payoff.

I have highlighted the parts that I used to judge the lipstick’s performance. For this wear test I have chosen the shade 70% Yum, which is a dark chocolate colour. Like always, I applied it once. No lip balms, no touch ups, no lip scrubs during the test. And again, I finished the test when it looks like it needs reapplying/looks beyond help! I dunno if I ever mentioned this before, but whenever I do a wear test, especially when they are matte lipsticks, I ALWAYS use a lip scrub beforehand and make sure I am hydrated throughout the day. I do this to make sure that I give the lipstick the best chance to perform.

First Application – 12:55pm

First Application – 70% Yum
  • It smells soooooooooo good! Just like chocolate. I know some things are chocolate scented but this smells straight up like yummy cocoa.
  • nicely pigmented with a nice formula. Not mousse-y or thick but not too thin that its spreads too far.
  • The applicator is great. It has a little well in the middle that collects the pigment and distributes it evenly. With a nice tip to get the Cupid’s bow really precise.
  • it is quite sticky even after it’s dried. I’m not too keen on sticky lipsticks.

After lunch – 1:45pm



  • I didn’t have anything particularly greasy for lunch so the lipstick said in tact mostly.
  • It has gone patchy on the bottom lip but nothing too crazy.
  • Still quite sticky.


4 Hours – 5:12pm


  • Faded a little bit more
  • I was worried that because it’s an “ultra matte” it would get uncomfortable throughout the day but it actually has been nice so far. Not bad but my lips do look wrinkly.
  • STILL sticky!


8 Hours – 9:14pm


  • Ending here because it just doesn’t look or feel great on.
  • My lips DO NOT look good! It’s gone all flakey and there are loads or irregular patches on both top and bottom lips.
  • It looks super dry.
  • NOTE: this is REALLY hard to take off with just a makeup remover. My lips really hurt after trying to take it off! I would definitely suggest using an oil based remover or even just coconut oil to remove it.




First of all, let’s see it performed vs the claims on their website:

  • “melt-proof formula” – I’m not sure about this. It did come off after I ate, not so much after my dinner but definitely after lunch. BUT it was still a bugger to get off at the end.
  • “smudging or budging, for up to 12 hours” – it definitely went patchy.
  • “lightweight” – it was a nice consistency. And it didn’t feel heavy on the lips.
  • “comfortable to wear and doesn’t crack, crumble or flake” – it was comfortable for the first few hours but when it started to feel drier and flaky, it wasn’t as nice on. And as you can see from the pictures, it did become crackly.
  • “intense colour payoff” – I do agree with this! The colour is beautiful – really rich and intense when you apply it.

So, overall I would recommend this with a few stipulations. Maybe don’t wear for long periods of time because I do think it looked good on me but only for the first few hours. And if you do wanna wear it for as long as I did, maybe go for the lighter shades in the collection, as the wear time could be different as formulas can differ depending on the lip colour. If you wear a lighter shade, from my experience, the fade won’t be as noticeable unlike darker lip shades.

I hope this was helpful in anyway to some one out there!

As always, see you guys again soon!


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