Soph X Revolution Extra Spice Eyeshadow Palette || Review

Price (eyeshadow palette): £10.00

Blendability: 9/10

Pigmentation: 9/10

Fall Out: a little bit

Hi all!

After playing with this palette some more, it’s review time!

For those who don’t know, this is SophDoesNails‘ second collaboration with Revolution (formerly Makeup Revolution). Her first collab was an eyeshadow palette (which we reviewed here) and a highlight palette. This time it’s this:


The collection consists of the Extra Spice palette and 3 satin lipsticks (Syrup, CakeFudge). This review will only be on the eyeshadow palette. We have done a wear test/review of the lipstick, so if you are interested in that check it out here.


(Left to Right) Everyday, Running Late, Infinity, Cheesecake, Cookie Dough, Dreams, Vitamin C, Sweet n Sour, Twenty One.
(Left to Right) Romance, Enchanted, Lakes, Brownies, Chocolate Orange, Mulled Wine, LA Sun, Aurora, Reputation

We know swatches isn’t a good representation of the performance of the palette. But it does show how the colour can translate on the skin because sometimes the colour on the palette doesn’t always match up to what you put on the skin. As you can see the colours do match up to what they are on the palette – apart from Vitamin C which comes across much lighter than the mustard colour on the pan.


In our First Impressions post, we briefly touched on the colour combination of the palette. It seems like one half is more on the warm side and the other half is more on the cool, smokey side. We like that you can create a variety of looks with the palette and not just the same. Having said that, it would have been nice for the palette to be more colourful. We know from watching her channel that Soph doesn’t often do bright looks but she has done so in the past and it has always looked good. So for us, it would’ve been a nice change for this palette to be completely different from her first – maybe if she does another collab, she will venture into more colours?


There are 12 matte shadows in this palette. They all feel super smooth and are SUPER pigmented – apart from Vitamin CVitamin C still feels smooth and almost creamy but when you try and use it, not much pigment comes out. It’s like it’s been pressed harder than the other shadows. There is some fall out in the palette when you use them, but that’s not something that bothers us too much. So long as it’s only a little kick back, it’s fine. They blend really well also. The shade Twenty One (bright cranberry shade) has impressed us the most by far. It is hella pigmented for a bright almost red colour and that’s not an easy thing to do with out compromising the product quality and the fact that it’s cruelty free.


Always the exciting part when it comes to new palettes! There are 6 shimmer shadows in the palette (Everyday, Infinity, Dreams, Romance, LA Sun and Aurora)Romance, LA Sun and Infinity are more like foiled shadows – really metallic and creamy to touch. Honestly the shimmer shades are what makes this palette worth the hype/purchase. They are so buttery and pigmented that you don’t even need to use a wet brush to apply on the lid. You also have a nice variety of shimmers depending on what look you want to achieve. For more adventurous look, you have the gold, silver, red and the green with gold shift. And for more everyday, simple looks, you have bronze and the pale pink.


Okay, let’s break it down.

After playing and having it for a little while now, we really aren’t keen on the reflective packaging. This is more of a personal thing and it’s just because the palette is absolutely covered in finger prints and we don’t like that. We prefer the packaging in Soph’s old palette which was a matte nude colour – so pretty! Is the palette a ground breaking, innovative palette that no-one has seen before? Honestly, it’s not. But do you like drugstore makeup? Do you like affordable makeup that works really well? Are you a big fan of Soph? If the answer is yes, then of course go for it and buy the palette. It’s only £10 and the shadows themselves perform well. The shimmer shades are what makes this palette worth it in our opinion. We hope Soph’s next palette is as good as her previous ones 😁

That’s all for now folk, thanks for the patience on this review!


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