Vice Cosmetics Good Vibes Matte Lipstick – Wear Test || Review

Price: 195 Philippine Pesos/ £2.79

Comfort: 8/10

Opaque: 10/10

Colour: 9.5/10

Hey all – SJ here!

I’ve been really enjoying all the wear tests recently so here’s another one! I decided to test out the another Filipino makeup brand that we got from our holiday back in February. This lipstick is also advertised as ‘matte‘ so let’s test out just how long lasting this is. Interesting fact: (in case some aren’t aware) The owner of BLK Cosmetics, which is the other Filipino brand whose lipstick I did a wear test a couple of months ago, and the owner of Vice Cosmetics are great friends. They are on the same daytime TV show over in the Philippines.

Vice Cosmetics is a Filipino makeup brand set up by comedian/television presenter/actor Vice Ganda. He is such a popular comedian and if you see any photos of him, he is beautiful. He first gained my respect when during his TV show, he was talking to an audience member who lacked confidence and didn’t like the way she looked. He then took the initiative to take ALL of his makeup off, live on television, to support her and show that EVERYONE has flaws. It’s all about accepting who you are and loving yourself. If you want to see it, you can click here because to us, it is a lovely and powerful message especially nowadays. It will be in Tagalog but if you watch it you’ll get the idea.

According to the website, the brand is all about “Ganda for all”. Ganda in Tagalog means ‘beauty’. And they believe that “everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful no matter the age, no matter the gender, no matter the shape, no matter the shape, no matter the colour.” The products are cruelty free with PETA verification and they are also paraben free. The lipsticks are described as:

“A creamy and highly pigmented lipstick collection that goes on matte without drying your lips.  It is lightweight and comfortable to wear for your daily dose of Good Vibes.

  • Moisturizing Matte
  • Creamy Smooth Application
  • Intense Color Payoff
  • Lightweight for All Day Comfort
  • Paraben Free
  • PETA Certified Cruelty Free”

The lipstick I am using is called Pak Ganern. It is a phrase to express happiness, excitement etc and it literally means “like that”. It’s the Filipino equivalent of “Yass Queen” or “Work” – which is highly fitting for this test! As usual, I applied it once and only once! No lip balms, no touch ups, no lip scrubs. And again, I finished the test when it looks like it needs reapplying/looks beyond help!

First Application – 08:27am

First Application – Pak Ganern
  • Very sweet scent – really nice smell of vanilla.
  • creamy on application.
  • I would recommend a lip scrub before using it though as it clung onto some dry patches on my lip.
  • instantly matte – no waiting around for it to dry, it looked matte pretty much as soon as I applied it.
  • not stiff and full pigmentation.
  • Doesn’t feel too dry and quite comfortable on.

Dry Test – 09:49am


I did a quick test to see how dry the lipstick was on my lips by kissing the back of my hand. As you can see there is some residue but it was all mostly still on my lips.

After Lunch – 1:25pm


After Lunch – burger, coleslaw and sweet potato fries
  • I really put this to the test by having something greasy and substantial rather than a salad.
  • It has smeared slightly on the right of the lips which I expected as I did have greasy food – oil and matte lipstick just don’t go together.
  • The top lip – colourise, still looks good. Just seems a lot drier than before.
  • The bottom lip – the centre is missing. The lipstick is mostly on the edge.

(almost) 8 Hours Later – 4:00pm




  • stopping the test now – my lips got very dry in the end.
  • The colour is still there on the perimeters of the lips but everywhere else was gone and my lips were on the flakey side – GIMME MY LIP BALM!



8AM vs 4PM

I stopped the test because I was feeling more and more uncomfortable because of how chapped my lips were feeling. As you can see rom the pics, the only obvious difference is the lack of moisture later on. Nearly 8hours wear time is still pretty good.

So there was a lot of claims in the description of the product – one being “moisturising matte“. At first it was moisturising – even though there was no sheen and appeared matte quickly on the lips, it didn’t feel dry. But as the day progressed it did become more and more matte. It was creamy when applied and I didn’t to work it into my lips or go over it which was great. Because it’s a nude colour, it didn’t fade weird or leave my lips stained which again is always a plus. I just didn’t like how dry and flakey my lips ended up being.

Overall, I do like the lipstick. If I was to use it again, I would ensure I used a lip scrub beforehand and that I was hydrated ALL day just to make sure my lips didn’t get dry again. And the price is just great. Really affordable and attainable for EVERYBODY like it says on their website!

Thanks everyone!



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