Our Primark Eyeshadow Collection

Hey all!

When Primark first started rolling out their makeup products, we bought it mainly because it was cheap and if it didn’t work, we didn’t break the bank. We were so surprised that over a year later, we have a nice collection coming along! Not gonna lie, we don’t LOVE every single one of these palettes. There are some that we come back to time and time again and some that are just…meh. Let’s go!

1. PS… Eye Candy

The OG, the one that started it… for us anyway.

excuse the mess!

We’ve had this over a year now – which is crazy to think that after just over a year Primark has released this many 9 pan eyeshadow palettes and countless more! As you can see this palette has had a lot of love and attention. We like the colour combo of this palette and really everything still blends and works well. The middle tan shade, we remember being a really good transition shade. Just blended nicely – light enough for transition but also when you built up on the lid, it’s just lovely. We did review this a while back so if you are interested, click here.


2. PS… Cotton Candy


Okay so this is one of the ones that we were more ‘meh’ on. Don’t hate it but also never really reach for it. Mainly because it’s just so limited that it’s hard to get the creative juices flowing. It is an ‘eyes, face & lips collection‘. According to the box, the two big pink circles are ‘face powders’…..

We used them as shimmery blush (bottom) and pinky highlight (top). Then there are 3 eyeshadows – 2 mattes and one shimmer.

Top Row: eyeshadows     Bottom Row: blush/highlight

As you can see they are really pretty, and if you are feeling a specific look then this ‘collection’ is perfect. It also came with a lip cream (pictures here) but that was suuuuuper light on us so we gave it away. Here is a look we did using this collection and the PS Eye Candy.

we used a darker lipliner to ombre out the lip cream.


3. Just Peachy


Love this palette! Every time we want a peachy look, this is our go to and we haven’t even bothered with any of our peachy palettes because this one just trumps it. Smells good, looks good and blend very well! Only downside is that the only dark shade is that brick coloured shadow which on the lid comes across lighter on the lid than the pan. BUT  that hasn’t stopped us using it again and again. Click here for the full review, look and swatches.


4. PS… After Party



As much of a Primark fan we are, this was probably the worst one out of all of these. We have only ever used this once and that was for this look:


The colour combination of the palette is so pretty and everything about it, especially the packaging, screams mermaid and ocean vibes. But every single one of the shades were patchy on the lid and crumbly. It was very bizarre when we first played around with it because we never had that problem with ANY of the other palettes.


We know finger swatches can be deceiving and doesn’t generally translate the same of the lid. But this is actually quite accurate – as you can see, it’s just a bit patchy and that first shade is so crumbly that it was hard to get it to work.


5. K-Pop Sugar Rush


Much like the Just Peachy palette, this has a very cutesy theme. This time it is inspired by the K-Pop industry and it smells like cherries – yum! It’s very pastel and reminds us of spring time a lot. This was quite a big collection with lip tints, blush and skincare too. Korean skincare is huge and has been for a while now so no wonder Primark has picked up on it too. It’s also nice that they’ve changed the palette a bit and used a heart shaped pan rather than their ordinary round ones. We did review this not long ago so if you wanna know more, click here!


6. PS… 9 Shade Custom Eye Shadow Palette


The most expensive of all of the palettes – the custom side of it obviously hikes the price up. The beauty is that you are able to create your “perfect” palette. And really for £8.40 (shadows are 60p, empty palette £3), that’s still cheaper than a lot of other custom palettes out there. The shadows themselves are great for 60p! They blend well especially that orange shade (Firecracker) – the others need to be layered in order to get full opacity but that’s the same with all their other shadows in their other palettes.


You’d never think this eye look was created using shadows that are 60p! If you wanna read more on these, click here.

Now for the last two… we are going to put them together. We only got them quite recently and haven’t really had a chance to fully play with them yet. So far only swatches and nothing on the lid yet. We’re really sorry about this – we will use them the next couple of days and obvs show you guys. We usually post them over on our Instagram first and then on here with more depth and explanations!

7 & 8. Glitter Junkie and Exotica

Glitter Junkie

These two palettes are sooooooo summery and really perfect for festivals. Glitter Junkie is a full festival collection with glitters, stick on gems and a highlight palette that could be a dupe for the KVD Alchemist palette. Exotica is also part of a full collection which has a few blushes and a lipstick collection too.

Now the beauty of these is the fact they are still available in stores. We went to our local Primark last week and they both were there – some K-Pop collection were still available too if you are interested. Looks using these palettes up soon we promise!


So what do you guys think? Have you tried a Primark palette before – if so which one is your favourite?

See you soon everyone and we hope you have an amazing day!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Karalee says:

    The K-Pop Sugar Rush, Glitter Junkie & Exotica palettes look pretty & fun!
    I wish there was a store in Denmark!


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