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Hey all!

SophDoesNails is back again with another eyeshadow palette called Extra Spice. Soph is a British beauty YTer who had released an eyeshadow and highlight palette with Revolution back in September 2017. She’s just released her second collab with Revolution (was Makeup Revolution) and it is this collection…


The collection consists of the Extra Spice eyeshadow palette and 3 satin nude lipsticks. We only bought two of the lipsticks – Cake, a pinky nude shade & Fudge, deeper brown nude. There is another lipstick called Syrup, the lightest of the three but we didn’t really fancy a light nude colour so we gave it a pass. We will do a more detailed review of the products when we have used it a lot more. We will also review the lipstick separately and maybe do a wear test also.


Our First Impressions

  • The packaging is really pretty – the rose gold on the palette and the lipstick is nice. Just not keen on super shiny packaging because it’s just so easy to get muck and finger prints all over it.
  • The lipsticks are really nice colours and really compliment both of us. The “Soph X” imprint on the lippies are a great touch too.
  • Eyeshadow Palette – the colours are really nice and you can do warm, sunset eye looks as well as smokey night looks. We like that one half of the palette are warm shadows while the other half are quite cool toned.
  • We also like the names being on the palette itself rather than the plastic that comes in palettes.

The eyeshadow palette is £10.00 while the lipsticks are £4.00 each. We do think they missed a trick – they could have done a bundle of the collection as we feel that could have done really well. We’re glad she’s done another collab with Revolution. They are such a great affordable brand that buying all of these was under £20 (including shipping).

The Look



Barry M Flawless Original Primer

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation in 1.2Y

Primark PS My Perfect Colour Liquid Concealer in Porcelain

Barry M Ready Set Smooth Loose Powder

Revolution Ultra Sculpt + Contour Kit Ultra Light/Medium C04

LA Girl Strobe Lite Powder in 50 Watt



Benefit Precisely My Brow 6

NYX Stacked mascara

Revolution Soph X Extra Spice eyeshadow palette – we figured that a few people may use the warmer shades (because they are gorgeous) so we thought we would delve into the cooler half of the palette. We started with Cookie Dough on the crease and added Cheesecake to add a bit of depth to the crease and outer edges. We then used some concealer to added it to the centre of the lid to create kind of halo look. We then used Romance on the outer parts of the concealer. And then blended that with Cheesecake to make it look seamless. Then finished the centre part with LA Sun for a nice bright contrast. Using Enchanted on the inner and outer parts to smoke it out. We then combined Cheesecake and Cookie Dough on the lower lash line.



Revolution Soph X Revolution in Cake – super creamy pink nude shade. It’s a really pigmented lipstick and so smooth when applying.

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So Far…we like the palette. It’s a nice palette and the lipsticks are exactly the kind of lippies we like so we will play around with these some more. Then a full review will be up!

Have any of you tried Soph’s new palette? Or even her previous one? See you all next time!


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