Primark K-POP Sugar Rush & Sweet Cheeks Palettes || Review

Hey all!

Today is all about the Primark K-Pop eyeshadow and highlight/blush palette. We are super late with this review (sorry guys!), but there are still some products available last time we went to a Primark store. Also, Primark seems to release beauty collections a few times a year so it’s hard (for us) to keep up 😫!

So the K-Pop collection consisted of pastel eyeliners, cushion blush, cheek tints, lip cushions as well as the palettes. They also released some skincare products like masks and gel patches. South Korean skincare and generally beauty products are quite hyped up – and if you google any K-Pop star, they are F L A W L E S S so the hype is justified. We’ve tried products from TonyMoly and have always loved it!

When we saw all the products in store, the packaging was so cute and very much what you would expect from a K-Pop inspired collection – pastels, cute patterns, nothing harsh.  As you can see we only bought the palettes because as nice as the other products looked, we were only interested in the shadows and the highlights. No shade at all to the other products, when we swatched them in store, they (especially the blush) were really nice. Just wasn’t interested in buying them.

Sugar Rush Eyeshadow Palette


Price: £4.00

Blendability: 8/10

Pigmentation: 8/10

Fall Out: a little

Primark LOVES these 9 pan palettes! A lot of their eyeshadow palettes look like these just with different packaging. We quite like that as it’s a nice continuity within their collections. It’s has a magnet which is really good as it doesn’t just fly open. Like their other 9 pan palette’s, this doesn’t have a mirror. It would be good for them to start having mirrors in them and we wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for a mirror.

These blend really beautifully. It has some fall out but there aren’t really many shadows that don’t have that. The pigmentation is there. The yellow shimmer was quite sheer when we used it so we tapped it on to the lid and layered.

The colour combinations stays true to it’s cutesy packaging. It’s mostly pastel colours that makes you think of spring and all things girly. It also smells like cherries and we love scented makeup! They are beautiful and perform really well considering the price. But really, we can’t see ourselves reaching for this palette on the daily. It seems like it’s more for when you want to want to do something more creative rather than everyday. Also we can’t see these colours working for someone with a darker skin tone than us. The colours could come off as quite ashy. Ally can pull all of these shadows off but I (Sarah) cannot as I am more tanned than her.


Sweet Cheeks Blush & Highlight Palette


Next we have the blush & highlight palette!

This is the one we’ve used the most since out of the two palettes. Now it says on the front that it’s a blush and highlight palette but really it’s all highlight. Bon Bon can be used as a shimmery blush if you use a light hand but the rest are straight up highlights.

Candy Floss – peachy highlight

Lemon Sherbet – light gold highlight

Jelly Bean – iridescent lilac highlight

Bon Bon – pink with gold reflects

We’ve used the heck out of Lemon Sherbet as it just gives a really pretty glow when you put on a little bit. But if you layer it and add some fixing spray – D A M N! It is beautiful. Bon Bon we’ve used, sparingly, as blush and it’s really nice if you want a nice glow without a blinding highlight.

They have the same cherry scent as the eyeshadow palette and the cute print in the heart shaped pan. They feel creamy and smooth to touch. Aside from the shade Jelly Bean, they aren’t powdery nor do they pick up on any texture on the skin. Really great for £4.00!




We created this look using both palettes. We wanted to do a bright pastel look just to fully  embrace the cuteness of the collection! Just used the peach shade in the middle row along the crease and layered it to deepen it a bit more. Then using concealer, we did a half cut crease and packed the gold shimmer in the inner part of the lid. Then added the pastel blue shimmer in the centre. We wanted a bit of depth to the outer edge so using the brown in the top row and blended that in with the blue shimmer to create a nice blend.

OVERALL… we really like the highlight palette. We’ve gotten a lot of use out of them and it’s really convenient to have a nice blush & highlight to se in one palette. The eyeshadow palette is cute and works well, just not something we are constantly grabbing for. If ever we wanna be creative and colourful, this would be really good.

Full list of what we used and more pics of the look are below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Primark PS My Perfect Colour Finish Foundation in Nude

Revolution Conceal + Define C1

Barry M Ready Set Smooth Loose Powder

Revolution Ultra Sculpt + Contour Kit Ultra Light/Medium C04

Primark Sweet Cheeks (BonBon as blush, Lemon Sherbet as highlight)



Freedom Pro Eye Primer

Revolution Brow Pomade in Graphite

Benefit Precisely My Brow 6

Benefit Roller Lash

Models Own i-Definer Waterproof Kohl Pencil in Real Gold

Primark K-Pop Sugar Rush Eyeshadow Palette



blk Cosmetics Velvet Lip Cream in Classy

Primark Peach Shine Lip Gloss in Peach Bellini


That’s all for now guys! And see you next time!


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  1. I can’t believe how pigmented those palettes are! They’re not normally colours I would go for but I might have to pick them up considering they’re so cheap, I may as well! Great post hun ❤


    1. sahallyloves says:

      Primark has been very good with their makeup and beauty range in general recently. They are great value so you should totally splurge 😁. Thank you ♥️

      Liked by 1 person

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