Full Face using only Revolution || Looks&Review

Hey all!

It feels like it’s been so long since we last posted a ‘Full Face Using only..” post!

Makeup Revolution — or Revolution now — is one of our most favourite brands out there right now. It is super affordable and yet the quality of the products don’t suffer. We have so MANY Revolution products! When they released concealers & foundations, we realised we could FINALLY do a full face. The hardest part was choosing what products from our collection to use 😫 – especially on eyeshadow palettes!

Some of these products are either not available anymore or have new packaging now. From the picture below, you can probably guess which ones we are talking about!


P R O D U C T S    U S E D:

Fast Base Stick Foundation F5 & F6 – £5.00

Really into this foundation! It’s really creamy and easy to blend. We’ve spoken about this before – click here if you wanna read it.

Conceal + Define C1 – £4.00

This has become a staple in our makeup bag. We love the coverage and how brightening it is under the eyes. We’ve also posted about this – click here if you wanna know!

Pressed Powder Translucent – £2.00

This was a revelation! When deciding what we were going to use for this look, we realised we didn’t have a powder for the face so we looked online and saw this – not gonna lie, we mainly bought it because of how cheap it and really didn’t expect much from it. But WOW! It makes the base last for ages and doesn’t look cakey or dry on at all.

Ultra Sculpt + Contour Kit Ultra Light/Medium C04 – £3.50

This compact is great for when you are travelling as it has contour, highlight and bronzer in one. The contour shade isn’t muddy and blends well on the face. We haven’t tried the highlight on but when swatched it looked pretty. The bronzer has some shimmer in it so it’s nice for a sun kissed bronze base.

Blush in Sugar – was £1.00

We got this blush from a friend a while ago but we saw it in Superdrug at £1. Really pigmented so we only used a teeny bit. It gave the cheeks a nice pinky blush which is really nice.

Skin Kiss in Peach Kiss – on sale £4.50 (usually £5.00)

As you can see from the old packaging, we got this when it first came out. We really forgot about this as we thought it would be too dark. So we used it anyway. Our thought process was – it’s essentially summer now and Ally had caught the sun a bit so it may work this time – yeah, we were wrong. Still a bit dark. It looked blinding and beautiful from the side but left a slight dark cast from the front. So we added on top….

Vivid Baked Highlight in Golden Lights – £3.00

…This whopper! Just the most amazing golden blinding highlight in the world. And it really goes with the cranberry & gold eye look. Again we’ve written about this before so check it out here.

Brow Pomade in Graphite – £6.00

We got this a while ago now and it didn’t come with a brush – but it does now! This is a ride or die brow product for us. Just love it!

Mint Chocolate eyeshadow palette – £8.99


We love the Chocolate range from I Heart Revolution! We already have the Salted Caramel and the Peaches and Cream which we like. We chose this palette because we hadn’t use dit in a while and our fave out of the three. We used the deep red shadow all over the lid and the gold shimmer in the centre of the eye. We then used a bit of the dark brown shadow on the outer edges just to deepen the lid. We also did a review of this so if you want to, check it out.

Rose Gold Lipstick in Diamond Life – £3.00

We heard a lot of hype about these bullet lipsticks. We’ve only ever used their liquid lip kits and really liked them but never these. We chose this particular one because we thought it was the same colour as the lipstick – a nice dark, deep purple (there was no tester in the shop). But on the lip, its more of a pink-berry shade. It’s definitely a nice wearable colour. It was a bit stiff but after warming it up a bit, the colour showed up more. I’m rubbish at applying lipstick straight from the bullet so we used a lip brush to make it more precise.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We added up everything and total is £47.99 – for a full face of makeup that one can use over and over again, that is a great price! If you don’t get the two highlighters and just use the Sculpt kit’s highlighter, it will be just over £40. So we found the pressed powder was amazing and the sculpt kit has become a part of our loved makeup products! Revolution just kicks butt right now! Before they were more of a “dupe” brand and people, including us, would purchase their versions of more expensive makeup. But now they have blossomed into a brand that we see as a stand alone brand.

What do you guys think? Anyway, see you guys soon and hope you liked it!


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