Primark Custom Palette || Look&Review

Hey all!

We are so late on this review! However, we only very recently saw these available in our closest Primark. We saw it on their Instagram stories a few months back but for some reason it only came out near us a few weeks ago.


You have two options of blank palettes – 4 shade palette (£2) or a 9 shade palette (£3). We went all out and bought the 9 shade palette. There was a nice range of colours from mattes to shimmers – we didn’t count it ourselves as the display was quite cluttered so it was quite difficult. But after researching they seem to have around 30 shadows in total. The single shadows are 60p each and they slot into palette easily. It’s quite sturdy and doesn’t come out easily. In total our custom palette cost £8.40.


We decided on these shadows because we wanted a palette with versatile colours that can be used for everyday but also can be used for more fun or night out looks. Firecracker, Brick & Bone are shadows that can be for everyday wear. For example, Brick on the crease and some mascara and you’ve got a wearable look. The bottom row (Earth, Hot Cocoa & Carbon) are the shadows we thought would be perfect to create a smoky, night out look. Earth is a nice colour to add depth on the lid but also give a subtle smoke if you don’t want to go too smoky. Golddigger, Stardust & Opal are the shimmers that caught our eyes. Golddigger we feel can be super versatile and can be used for everyday and for more glam looks. Whereas Stardust and Opal are more fun colours that reminds us of festivals and summer.


The matte shadows are much better than the shimmer shades we chose. Firecracker is probably our fave matte shadow. The colour is so vibrant on the lid that you almost forget that it only cost 60p! Although the other matte shadows aren’t as pigmented, they are buildable and blend beautifully. For something so cheap in price, they perform really well. The shimmers though….. Now they do require a heck of a lot more work. Even with fix spray, you would still need to layer it and layer it in order to get a to achieve a nice opacity. Hot Cocoa, we think, is supposed to be a shimmer shadow but it’s not as glittery as the others and comes across more like a satin shadow than anything. But again what do you expect from that price?

Speaking of price…. this entire palette (shadows & empty palette) costs more than any of the Primark 9 pan palettes we own. The fact that you get to customise your palette is clearly why this is a lot pricier than all their already done palettes which kind of makes sense.

The Look


We created this look using as much of the shadows as we possibly could. We were really inspired by the lilacs/purples and wanted to create something fun – so a smoked out, half cut crease it was!


Bone: to set the crease to brow bone area.

Firecracker: layered on the crease.

Stardust: inner third of the lid.

Opal: middle of the lid.

Brick: outer third, used to blend in with Opal for a nice gradient look.

Carbon: outer third. To smoke out the outer third with Brick.

We just finished it off with a nice glitter liner at the crease which just finishes the look off nicely.

Overall we’re really happy with out choices and with the concept itself. It’s nice to have a customisable palette that is really affordable that also works well. We know Obsession is based on being able to customise your own palettes. And although Obsession is better in some ways, price wise this beats it. We’ve tried the shadows from Obsession too and these just perform that bit better. The main downside we can think of is that availability of these shadows. The problem with Primark makeup is that you can never be sure if what particular product you want is in the store. When we use up a certain pan, will we be able to get another one? Are they around permanently? Because there have been times where we have gone into Primark for a certain item and were left disappointed because they weren’t in stock or they’ve been discontinued. It just seems difficult to be attached to something that you love and really works for you because it may not be around for long, if you know what we mean?

We’re excited to try out other shadows in the range too! There’s a beautiful deep blue shimmer shade that we definitely want to try! So what do you guys think? Would you be trying it?

For a full list of products used for the look, please see below. We will link each product as best we can. They are NOT affiliate links, just straight up links. We don’t make any commission on any of them, just to be clear.

We hope you like this look/review and see you next time!


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Rimmel Lasting Finish in Classic Beige 201

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1

Nip+Fab Colour Corrector in Banana

L.A Girl Pro Conceal in Toast

Revolution Pressed Powder Translucent

Miss Sporty Instaglow Bronzer 001 Sunkissed Blonde

Primark Cheeky Peachy [click here for our review]

Primark PS Glow Palette

Barry M Liquid Chrome in Beam Me Up



Freedom Pro Eye Primer

Primark PS Custom Palette

Collection Glam Crystals in Hustle

Seventeen Doll’d Up mascara

Benefit Precisely My Brow 6

Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil in Black Fire



Vice Cosmetics Good Vibes Matte Lipstick in  Chukchak

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