Our Top 3 Foundations.

Hey all!

We thought we would share with you our most used foundations. These are the 3 foundations we always go for whether it’s for a look or on the daily. And we will also share with you why we like them. As you can see, they are all pretty affordable foundations – we do own a couple of high end foundations but we don’t really use that as much as we use these or our other foundations.

Let’s do this!

1) Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation – £5.00

Fast Base Stick – F6
  • Normally stick foundations are a big no-no for us. This is actually the only stick foundation we own – everything else are liquid foundations. The other stick foundations we’ve tried felt so dry on the skin upon application that it really put us off them in general.
  • This feels really creamy when applied. It doesn’t dry quickly which gives you plenty of time to blend. Once it has dried, however, it doesn’t feel thick on the face. Even after using powder over the top, it still feels quite lightweight.
  • Really good coverage.
  • Another reason we love it is the shade range. They released 18 shades which for a drugstore brand is great – and we saw on IG that they may be working on more, which is again great! It just shows that they put a lot of thought into it all and didn’t just release it half assed.


2) PS My Perfect Colour – £2.50

My Perfect Colour – Nude
  • This feels light on the skin – and because it’s semi-matte, it doesn’t feel thick and drying on. It’s like your skin can still breathe despite having a layer of foundation on.
  • It can be layered if you want more coverage. We’ve only done that a couple of times when we are having bad skin days! But layering it doesn’t affect the texture or the finish which is good.
  • Blends in really well on the skin. The finish looks like ‘my skin but better’.
  • Again the shade range of this product is incredible! When we first saw this in Primark, we were quite impressed by variety of shades on offer. Before Primark foundations only really came in a few shades so they really stepped it up with this launch.


3) L’Oreal True Match Foundation – £9.99

True Match – 2R/2C Vanille Rose/Rose Vanilla 
  • The most expensive out of the 3 but totally worth it!
  • Dewy finish – it has a nice sheen to it that makes the skin look healthy and glowy without it looking heavy or oily.
  • It has a nice smooth finish – it claims to perfectly match the skin which it actually does.
  • It lasts all day – this makes it great for everyday use.

That’s all guys! We hope you like this post and we will see you next time!




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