NYX Mochi Electric Pastels || Review

Hey all!

We are FINALLY reviewing this gorge palette! We have played around with this and created this look using the palette. It’s now time to share with you guys what we loved and what we didn’t like about this palette.


Price: £18.00

Blendability: 5/10

Pigmentation: 7/10

Fall Out: none


  • The colours are very pretty – perfect for spring/summer festival looks.
  • No fall out – because of the soft, putty like texture of the shadows, there is none if not very little fall out when you apply. Usually with bright colours like this, the worry would be the fall out going all over the face but there is none of that worry here.
  • Two versions of the palette to choose from – this bright palette or a more neutral one perfect for everyday. Depends entirely on what you would prefer.



  • The packaging – aside from the holographic writing on the front which is very cute, the rest of the packaging feels very cheap. The palette is very light and the clear lid gets dirty and scratchy easily. It’s £18 which isn’t as much as a lot of high end but it is quite pricey for something considered ‘drugstore’. Colourpop palettes are around the same price, if not slightly cheaper, and the packaging feels sturdier and heavier.
  • Finger swatches are better than a brush application – not necessarily a bad thing as some shimmer shadows are just better when applied by hand. However when you blend the edges of shadow, it becomes sheer and the sparkly glitter comes off the lid.
  • It has carmine – so if you are vegan, this definitely isn’t for you!
  • No matte shadows – this palette is all shimmer so there is no matte shade to put in the crease. You would really need to use another palette in order to create a more dimensional look.



O V E R A L L 

Even though we have more on our ‘cons’ list, we do like this palette. Not gonna lie, it isn’t something we will constantly reach for because we don’t always do colourful eye looks. But if ever we want to use a nice shimmer, we would reach for this. We do think the price is waaaaaay too high for what it is. We don’t think it’s worth £18 as that’s a bit steep personally.

That’s all for now peeps. See ya next time!


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