Full Face Using Only Dupes || Look

Hey all!

Who doesn’t like a good dupe?

As avid drugstore makeup lovers, we love that more affordable makeup brands are trying to keep up with high end brands – especially as it gives us tightwads a chance to at least feel extra without breaking the bank!


We researched into what certain makeup products are dupes for what high end product. Some of the items we have duped here, we’ve never tried and just went with what the internet said – which is always safe 😂. Some high end products we have tried or at least touched and admired from afar! We then created the look above using the items we found.

We have linked the items for you to check them out if you want to. They are NOT affiliate links or anything like that, in case you were wondering :).


NYX HD Primer (MakeupForever HD Primer)

  • Allegedly this primer is a dupe for the MakeupForever primer. The NYX HD foundation is also dupe for the Makeup Forever HD foundation.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation in Rose Vanilla (MAC Studio Fix Fluid)

  • So we found out that this was a dupe from SOSU’s blog post about foundation dupes.

Revolution Conceal + Define C1 (Tarte Shape Tape)

  • Since Revolution released this concealer, there have been so many comparisons with the Tarte Shape Tape. The applicators are incredibly similar and judging by all the videos I’ve watched, the finish looks very similar!

Primark Setting Powder (Ben Nye Setting Powder)

  • Apologies for not having any links to this product, but Primark doesn’t have an online store so it was a bit difficult. We did do a review of this product if you wanna check it out. Anyway this has very similar packaging and others online have compared them too. Not sure if Primark still stocks this as “setting powder” – they may have just repackaged it and called it banana powder now.

Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace using Guipure (NARS Orgasm)

  • The Sleek blush has a really pretty gold sheen to it that’s why we sort of thought it could be a good Nars dupe. Also Meg reviewed and compared it a few years ago and thought the same!

Primark Pure Glow Highlight Palette (ABH Sugar Glow Kit or Nicole Guerrero Highlight Palette)

  • Again like the setting powder, not sure if this is still around now hence the no links.
excuse the mess around the palette!
  • It has very similar colours to the ABH Sugar Glow Kit or the Nicola Guererro Glow Kit. They are a little powdery especially the white highlight but the glow is beautiful!

Primark Ultimate Face Kit (Benefit Hoola)


  • The top right pan is very similar to the Hoola bronzer – maybe a tad warmer than Hoola but if you mix it with the cooler contour shade, it really has the same effect on the skin. Not too harsh and blends really nicely.


Freedom Pro Eye Primer (UrbanDecay Original Primer Potion)

  • We have both of these primers and to be honest, we reach for the Freedom one more often than the UD one. We find the Freedom one is a bit thicker in consistency and really helps keep the eyeshadow from creasing throughout the day. We’re quite sad that Revolution is no longer doing this product anymore since their rebranding – we may have to stock up on these!!

Revolution Brow Pomade in Graphite (ABH Brow Pomade)

  • We love the Revolution pomade. It lasts all day and is creamy upon application. It does dry out quickly – we don’t have the ABH pomade so we can’t fully compare the two but Georgia has compared the two if you want to read it.

L’Oreal Miss Hippie Mascara (UrbanDecay Perversion)

  • These two have very similar wands that are for volumising the lashes. We have got both and compared them side by side and really the finished lashes look very similar.

W7 Natural & Berry Eyeshadow Palette (ABH Modern Renaissance)

  • This palette is straight up a dupe – the colours, the arrangement on the palette. The shadows itself are really blendable. It’s not super pigmented but is buildable which some people prefer as it’s more user friendly.

Lottie London Wing Woman Liner (Kat Von D Ink Liner)

  • We have the KVD Ink Liner and the two have similar thin nib that is really good for precision liner. Another good dupe is the Soap&Glory Supercat Skinny.


Lottie London Matte Liquid Lip Kit in Fleek (Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits)

  • We only have one Kylie Lip Kit (and tbh that’s enough!) but this is a really good dupe of it. They don’t have the same range of different colours as Kylie but quality wise, the lip liner is creamy and pigmented. The matte liquid lipstick is comfortable on and applies smoothly. Another plus is that it’s a fraction of the price of Kylie’s – £8.95 for a complete lip kit is pretty darn good.

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Anyway, see you next time peeps!



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