Too Faced White Peach Palette || Look&Review

Hey all!

Apologies for being gone for so long. We have been super busy recently BUT this does mean we have a lot to show and share with you!

One palette we’ve been trying out is the White Peach palette by Too Faced. We’ve always wanted to try out Too Faced eyeshadows because they are always raved about especially items from their Peach Collection. This, we think, was a fairly recent release. The online description is:

White Peach was created with matte, shimmer and glitter shadows that add dimension and light to the rest of the Too Faced Peaches and Cream collection. Infused with refreshing peach and sweet fig milk, the palette features an assortment of sparkling peach, champagnes, soft pinks, and deep plum shades that smell and feel delicious—for a modern way to take your peaches and cream look to the next level.

First of all the packaging is gorgeous! It looks like a clutch bag which is cute and it feels heavy duty. It has the peach smell that’s now synonymous to any Too Faced peach products.


The matte shadows are pigmented – so much that there is kickback when you use them. Not necessarily a bad thing but to be honest, it isn’t something we would expect from a relatively high end product. The shimmers/glitter shadows are alright. They swatch on really beautifully but on the eye  Peaches & Dreams, Glistening Peach, Peach Ice and Peach Passion are all the shimmer/glitter shadows. Creme de la Peach, according to the website, is also meant to be a glitter shadow but apart from the odd glitter chunk here and there, it’s more of a matte shadow.  Peaches & Dreams is metallic champagne-peach colour. The smoothest of all the shimmers! The rest all have glitter in them which really need fixing spray to keep on the eye. Glistening Peach is actually a pretty pinky-peach shadow that turns rose gold in the light with gold glitter. Peach Passion is our fave! It’s a nice dark, almost black-purple shade with holo glitter!

The colour combination is nice. It is a nice palette – great for everyday but because of the dark shadows, you can create an intense smokey eye look too. The dark shades does stop this palette being just another peach palette. Some of the colour don’t actually show up on our face so this palette may not work for those who have darker complexion to us.

The Look


We tried to use as many of the shadows as we could in this look. We really wanted to try them out and see how the quality is.


  • We started with an eyeshadow primer. We usually use Freedom Pro Eye Primer but this has been discontinued now 😩. But use whatever works for you!
  • We then worked on the crease, layering the shadows starting from 1, 2 and then 3.
  • Then using concealer, do a half cut crease leaving the outer third of the lid.
  • Using fixing spray, we tapped 4 with a flat brush on the inner third of the lid. We had to do a couple of layers of this because the glitters just wasn’t sticking to the lid. It would probably work a lot better with glitter primer underneath.
  • We then added some on the outer corner – again with a flat brush, we tapped it onto the lid to prevent as much glitter fallout as possible.
  • To deepen and darker the lid, we used 6. A little of this goes a long way! So use a bit of the black first and build it up, otherwise it may just ruin your look.

…and the finished look…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OVERALL – Truthfully, we wouldn’t recommend this palette especially not for the price. You can probably get the same colours in another, more affordable palette that would work just as well if not better. Most of the shimmers, apart from Peaches & Dreams, were disappointing. We were going to use the white shimmer as an inner corner highlight, but it was just so chunky that it would not look good at all! Plus, I think we’re just over the “peach” theme now. Maybe it’s time to move on…


Anyway, see you next time peeps!


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