BLK All Day Intense Matte Lipstick – Wear Test || Review

Price: 299 Philippine Pesos/ £4.14

Comfort: 9/10

Opaque: 10/10

Colour: 9/10

Hey all, Sarah here – again!

We haven’t done a lipstick wear test since Christmas – and because we bought soooooooo many lip products on holiday, we thought we should do wear tests and see how they perform. Especially matte lipsticks as they are mostly advertised as ‘long wear’.

BLK Cosmetics is a Filipino makeup brand set up by actress/host/recording artist Anne Curtis. When I was still living in Philippines, I was such a huge fan of hers. She’s only a few years older than me and was in a lot of kids/teen movies that I loved growing up. So when we learnt she was coming out with a makeup line, I told my sister that we had to try it! Whenever I’ve watched her on TV, she’s always got striking beautiful lips so it makes sense that she released lip products. Thus far, BLK has lip products as well as brow duos, eye liners and contour, blush, highlight trios. According to their website, they are all about ‘uncomplicated beauty’, ‘to simplify your makeup routine with no frills, quality cosmetics’. They have focused on ‘the absolute, most versatile essentials – just simple, wearable and beautiful makeup that worth your time and money’.

The products are all cruelty free and they have the PETA certification. They also highlight the fact that their products are long wearing and ‘each makeup formula is as tenacious as it is gorgeous. the ingredients guarantee hours of flawless wear, so touch-ups can be one less thing for you to worry about’. Let’s see shall we?

The lipstick I am using is from the matte range called Fearless, which is a beautiful rich wine shade. So like our previous wear tests, I only applied it once during the day. No touch ups, no lip balms or lip scrubs in between. And I finished the test when I felt like I needed to reapply.

First Application – Fearless

First Application – 10:30am

  • It doesn’t have any strong smell. Maybe vaguely like crayons but nothing harsh or strong.
  • Really pigmented! With darker shades like this, it’s normally always patchy or quite sheer upon first application but this was a nice surprise.
  • Normally even matte lipsticks feel quite creamy when first applied but this was a bit stiff. BUT it did feel smooth on.
  • Feels comfy on the lips. Not drying at all and really lightweight.

After 15mins I wanted to check if it had dried up thoroughly – I kissed the back of my hand and it still left a bit of stain on my hand. I thought it had made a difference but it still looked pretty good on my lips which I was quite happy about.

After Lunch (2 hours later) – I had a sandwich, coffee & stole some of Ally’s chips 🤭

After lunch – 2 hours later
  • It’s started to fade more in the centre but the edges have held on.
  • It looks a lot drier than before. But it really didn’t feel any different.
  • The colour is definitely not as bold as it was before my lunch but it still looks pretty good. Good enough that I didn’t need to reapply.
  • I’m shocked that it hasn’t faded more than what it has. It left a stain on the back of my hand, my sandwich had some stain too. And my coffee cup had some residue too so for it to still look good, I’m shocked.

5 hours later:


It has faded a little bit more but again not too bad considering it doesn’t seem to dry fully.    The fade seems to be a very slow, gradual fade which is so nice especially for a colour this dark.

Nearly 9 hours later:

The colour is definitely a lot more muted than the 5 hour check in. The bottom lip is much more faded than the top lip. And it has gathered mostly on my dry lip patches (gross I know, sorry about that!)


The longest wear test we’ve ever done so far. I finished it around 7pm because like I said on the video, I wasn’t going out anymore and it just didn’t look good anymore.

The website claims that this is a ‘true matte finish – zero sheen’ which I agree with somewhat. It definitely stayed on like a true matte lipstick and although it faded throughout the day, it was a gradual fade that didn’t look horrible. It, however, didn’t dry fully and even after a couple of hours wear, it still left residue on cups and food.

It did feel super comfortable on! Even as the day progressed and my lips got drier, it never irritated me or did it feel nasty on. Just really lightweight. I was super concerned with the fade of it because all lipsticks will eventually fade during the day. Because of how bold the colour is, I was afraid it would look horrible as the day went on – I was scared I would end up with bare lips with a dark red line on the outside, if you know what I mean?

Overall, I like this lipstick. I mostly like liquid lipsticks if it’s a matte as I feel like it has staying power – more than a regular bullet lipstick. But this really proved me wrong. It’s just a shame we don’t live in the Philippines so I can’t get more!

Thanks everyone!


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