I Donated My Hair!

Hey all, Sarah here!

Now please excuse the fact that this post is not makeup related at all but it is something that means a lot to my sister and myself.

So as you can see from the title, I chopped off my looooooong hair and donated it to the Little Princess TrustA little info LPT, they are a trust give away free real hair wigs to children who have cancer or other illnesses and have lost their hair due to treatments etc. They also, together with Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group, help fund research into childhood cancers. It is a fantastic organisation and I first heard about them online a few years ago. Friends of friends were donating hair. Then my friend from University Jordan, aka Indigo Hart, donated her lovely hair and that really inspired me to donate my hair too.

My hair is my like my comfort blanket. If I see my reflection on any surface, I immediately fix or play with my hair. It’s the one thing about myself that I’ve always been happy with. When I was younger, my Grandma looked after me and would get me ready in the morning. She didn’t really want to have to do my hair every morning so she had me get my hair cut like this…..

Cute, but that hair!

All my grandma had to do in the morning was give me a hairband to keep my hair off my face and that was me ready! So as I grew up and had more of a say in how I wanted my hair kept and groomed, I wanted the nice long hair that I always saw in adverts. From my teens to now I’ve always had shoulder length or longer hair.  I love my hair; I am obsessed with it!

And really that is the main reason why I wanted to donate my hair. I can just imagine this child who absolutely loves their hair, brushes their hair every night and takes amazing care it. All of a sudden they lose that thing that makes them so happy and comforted. It’s just such a horrible thought to have and the truth is, that is the reality for a lot of children. If I can help combat that even with something as simple as donating my hair, I wanted to do it.

So decided to grow my hair so I could donate the maximum length they needed – plus leave me with a bit too. As I type that, it sounds so selfish and a part of me feels like I should have brave enough to donate ALL of my hair. But the truth is I’m not brave enough to do that. Like I said earlier my hair is my comfort blanket. But one day I can be brave enough to do that or at least work towards it.

This was taken right before I cut my hair.


Here it is!

It was liberating cutting my plaits! It was nice for it to have a purpose; for it to not just go in the bin. I was also excited to see what I looked like with short hair again. I hadn’t had short hair in years and I was looking forward to rocking it. I am beyond happy not just with my new look but to be doing something nice. I’ve personally felt like I was lost for a few years now – it’s nice to feel like, even for a moment, like I had a purpose.

If you want to donate your hair, please check out Little Princess Trust here. All the information you need will be on there and they accept hair from outside the UK if you are from abroad!

If you want to donate money or fundraise for them, please click here for any information you need.


That’s all for now and thank you for reading!


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  1. I done this too so know how scary it is…well done!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sahallyloves says:

      Thank you! It seems silly to say it’s scary but it really is 🙂


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