We’ve been in the Philippines!!

First of all, huge apologies for being gone for pretty much allllll of February!

But as title suggests, we were in the Philippines all month to visit family and generally relax. We haven’t seen our family for over 2 years now and we just wanted to soak up as much family time as we could.


..we definitely did some SERIOUS makeup shopping! We went to malls and drugstores searching for products we wanted to try. Some brands we have bought are not exclusively just Philippine brand but was readily available to us.


So LA Girl is available here via Beauty Bay.

Careline is widely available in drugstores and supermarkets too. They have a few products but this concealer really caught us because it has tea tree oil in it. Tea tree oil is amazing for the skin so we snapped that up straight away.

Vice Cosmetics was definitely the brand we’ve heard of and wanted to try. It’s super affordable and may or may not have bought more….😂

Another day we got more Careline  products and picked up a blush from a brand we didn’t know but that cute packaging got us! We went to the Mall of Asia in Manila and went HAM on some more makeup!! Nicka K cosmetics was something we recognised and we think it is available here in the UK. Ofra is also available on Beauty Bay but we really wanted it especially in the shade Manila – because while in the Philippines!?

BYS cosmetics is an Australian brand and they have all sorts according to their website. We picked up this gorgeous eyeshadow palette which is all shimmery. Super pretty! BLK cosmetics is by one of my favourite actresses in the Philippines, Anne Curtis. She has such lips that we had to try her lip products. We got one velvet lipstick and one matte lipstick.

And lastly, Happy Skin is a brand that we’ve been gagging to try out. Their packaging is always super cutesy and gorgeous! They once did a whole Disney princess matte lipstick line and we were sad they didn’t have that anymore. But they did have a whole Sanrio line so we got one!

That’s what we got! We did go a bit cray but a part of me still wishes we got more things – anyone else get like that sometimes?

Anyway that’s all for now!

peace&love ❤️



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