Testing Makeup from the Philippines

Hey all!

We are back and now that we are sorta over the jet lag and all, here is our look trying out some of the products we bought. We bought so many lip products just because there was so many to choose from – we were spoilt for choice!! We reluctantly chose one but if you want to see the others on, let us know! The only products we didn’t get are foundation and powder – other than that everything else was from the Philippines. If you wanna see what these products are, check out our previous post all about it.

Also, we have linked the products below so you guys can find them easier if you want them. None of them are affiliate links, we don’t get anything if you click on any of the links. They are just there to help you guys out 🙂


P R O D U C T S    U S E D


(Primark PS My Perfect Colour Finish Foundation in Nude)

Careline Pimple Concealer in Natural – this concealer was actually a great find! We couldn’t swatch any of the concealers that was there so we purely went on the shade on the bottle. It does seems quite cool toned on the bottle but it applied well and had pretty good coverage. It’s called a ‘pimple concealer’ so that could be why the coverage is so good  – to hide redness of a spot etc.

LA Girl Pro Conceal in Light Yellow Corrector – quick DISCLAIMER: we’ve never tried any LA Girl products before but we’ve seem them and been really wanting to try them So when we saw them at the malls we jumped at the chance! Technically it’s not a Philippine makeup brand but we just HAD to get them. This corrector was necessary after all the travelling and crazy jet lag! We normally use the NIP+FAB Banana corrector and love it. But this one may just be better. The coverage is amazing and little goes a looong way!

LA Girl Pro Conceal in Toast – we used this as contour and it worked really well! The perfect colour, we think. It’s not too warm so it looks orange but just enough to give dimension to the face. Again like the yellow corrector, a little goes a long way!

(Manna Kadar HD Perfecting Powder)

Nicka K Contour Duo – we’re not too sure about this one… We may have to use this one again without using any cream products before. Just because we aren’t sure if this product actually worked or if it’s the concealer previously. We will let you know if there’s any progress with that!

4U2 Dreamgirl Single Blush in Blast – never heard of this brand before. Never come across it either. It said on the website it was American brand but it’s only available in the Philippines, Thailand and Pakistan. It had it’s own stand in the mall so it seemed like a legit brand. Anyway, the blush itself was pretty. Really pigmented and easy to use.

LA Girl Strobe Lite Powder in 50 Watt – don’t normally do this but look at this….


THAT GLOW! It’s such a nice highlight! It’s not super powdery but smooth to touch and really blinding!



BYS Metal Eyeshadow Palette – BYS is an Australian brand which also had their own stand in the malls. They had a great selection of eyeshadow palettes to choose from. They all had the same tin component (a bit like the tin Urban Decay Naked 3 palette) but with different theme according to the specific palette. We got the ‘Metal’ palette which had all metallic eyeshadow in. So the downside is there are no transition shades for the crease but we just used the Nicka contour duo and that seemed to do something. We used the shade Pewter on the inner third of the lid – BTW these shadows are amazing! No fall out and usually we would use fix spray to help it stick. But not this!

We then used Bronze on the centre of the lid and blended that in with Pewter to ombre it a bit. Then to darker the outer third, we used Palladium and used it also around the crease area just to add depth.

Careline Liquid Eyeliner in Black – This has a fine felt tip. Not the best as it can be quite stiff but it worked well. Dries really quickly but colour is really nice. Super black and intense which is not what you would expect from this cute little eyeliner.

Careline Mascara in Black – The wand wasn’t as big as what the picture on the website makes it out to be. It’s quite a nice sized wand – :). But it really didn’t do much for the lashes. It tinted them black but nothing extra. Will definitely have to try this again.

LA Girl Gel Liner in Dark Brown (used as brow gel) – So we got this item for 1Peso because they had a sale on at the counter. The only issue was that it’s in dark brown and we don’t really use dark brown eyeliner. Now, we had been looking for ages for a good eyebrow product from one of the Philippine brands that were there. But the only shades we could find were blonde or light brown which really baffled us because Filipinos, like us, have black hair so there should really be more of the black shades available!?

Anyway, this product worked a treat! Super creamy and pigmented. Worked like a brow gel really and shaped the brows beautifully.



Vice Cosmetics Good Vice Matte Lipstick in Pak Ganern – On the website, the swatch of this product is brownish  but on us it looks quite rose/brown. But we love this lipstick! It is super creamy and pigmented. It also has a sweet scent which isn’t too overpowering. It’s really comfortable on and really affordable at 195pesos.


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Really impressed with the products we bought! What impressed us the most were the eyeshadow, eyeliner and the lipstick. We’ll most likely be using them again and again

That’s all for now, peeps!


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