NYX V’Amped Up Lip Top Coat || Review

Hey all!

Sarah here!

It feels like it has been soooooooooooo long since we’ve done a review and we thought we would talk more about this product. Mainly because we haven’t really seen many people talk about it. And we think it’s a pretty good product too.

NYX V’Amped Up Lip Top Coat is £5.50 and is described on their website as  a pencil that “moisturises while transforming light lip colours to deep vampy shades”. It’s essentially a black glossy pencil to put over your lipstick to make it darker. Say you accidentally bought a lipstick that is a bit too light for you, if you use this pencil over the top, it transforms the original shade into something richer and darker. So with this product, it’s like you have doubled your lipsticks because it can transform them.


It is a chunky pencil with a twist up bottom. The pencil itself isn’t a soft texture so there is no danger of it breaking when you apply. Though it isn’t so hard that you need to press hard in order to get pigment.

As you can see from the swatch below, when applied the black colour isn’t as bold as you may think at first glance. Once applied it is quite sheer but it is enough pigment to cover the original lip colour and make it darker. Because it is a glossy consistency, it feel comfortable on and isn’t drying on the lips.


H O W   I T   W O R K S:

I have lip swatched the top coat using two different matte lipsticks – one nude shade and the other a bright red shade. I thought you would be able to see the difference better if I swatched two shades.

I also applied the top coat by swiping a bit of it over the lips then dabbing it across the rest of the lips with my finger. I just found it dispersed the product better and it easier to get it on the edges/corners without going over the lip.

Too Faced Lady Balls – left, original shade. right, with top coat

Lady Balls is a matte bright red lipstick and by applying V’Amped Up, it turned it to a more vampy red. It also changed the formula of the lipstick from matte to a more glossy finish. Though I didn’t try it, I think if you were feeling particularly adventurous, you could do a pretty ombre lip look by just putting the top coat along the edge and buffing it out.

Makeup Revolution Echelon – left, original shade. right, with top coat.

Echelon, on me, comes off as a pinky nude shade. But when you apply the top coat, it turns it into a mauve-like shade which I personally prefer. I also am not a huge fan of this liquid lipstick. This was one of their first ever releases and for me, it’s just so drying and feels uncomfortable on – though they have since changed the formula but we have yet to try it. The V’Amped Up made the lipstick feel nicer and less drying on because of the glossy finish.

A N Y   N E G A T I V E S ?

We’ve had this product for a while now and after playing around with it and being quite impressed with it, there are couple of issues.

  1. Messy Application – because it is a chunky pencil, it’s very difficult to apply it without it dispersing in places you don’t want it to. It can smear over the edge of the lips and then the base lipstick follows. Like I mentioned earlier, what works for me is initially swiping it near the centre of the lip and using a finger, dabbing it all over. Obviously you can use a lip brush if you want to be (hygienic and) more precise.
  2. Changes lipstick formula – for this test, I used matte liquid lipsticks. And matte liquid lipsticks are notorious for being quite long lasting and are mostly budge proof. However, when you apply this over the top and because it’s a glossy product, the matte lipstick also becomes glossy and is easier to smear off. So be aware that using this product may cause your lipsticks to not last as long as it usually does.


I think it is a fantastic product to own and I definitely recommend it! I feel like everyone has been through moments where they’ve either picked the wrong lipstick shade or received a lipstick isn’t really your colour or loved it in the shop but changed your mind at home. This product kind of solves those issues. I also think if you aren’t so sure if a certain dark lip colour would suit you, playing around with this can help make your mind up actually see, without purchasing, if the shade works for you or not.

That’s all for now peeps! See you next time.



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  1. The results are stunning, but I wish it came in a squeeze tube instead of a crayon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sahallyloves says:

      Oh I know what you mean! That would make spreading it so much easier!


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