Primark Matte Lip Kit in Flutter – Wear Test || Review

Price: £3.00

Comfort: 6/10

Opaque: 7/10

Colour: 8/10

Hey all! Ally here!

With Christmas just around the corner, there are still probably some who still haven’t quite finished their shopping list. We are one of these people! So just in case you were looking at Primark, saw their lip kits but unsure of what they were like. We thought we would do another lipstick wear test for you guys!

Including this lip kit, we now have 3 of the Primark lip kits (Chocolate Brownie & Girls World). This one I thought I would test out is a peachy lip kit. Well, we THINK it looks peachy. This is kind of the issue with Primark lip kits in general. The colour on the packaging does not match the actual colour once you apply it. On the side of the packaging, it shows a peach colour. The tube however, makes it seem like it’s going to be a mauve-y kind of shade. But once you open it and apply, it’s a shade in between the two…?? It’s bizarre and baffled us a bit. But, it did only cost £3, and no shade whatsoever but, what can you expect?

Anyway, let’s get to the wear test. I was at work all day when I tested this out. I work for a supermarket and was on the checkouts for my shift. So lot’s of talking to customers and occasionally drinking from my bottle. I also had a lunch break so I did a check then. To give it a chance I used MAC lip scrub all over my lips so they are extra soft.

Just like Sarah’s previous wear test, I only applied it once and didn’t use any lip balms or lip scrubs in between. I also finished the test when I felt like I needed to reapply it.

First Application – Lip Kit in Flutter

First Application

  • As you can see from the picture above, it looks light pink on me. Nothing seems to match.
  • It smells really chemically. I was expecting a nice sweet fragrance but it doesn’t have that. I would’ve preferred no smell rather than a chemical smell.
  • It dried super quick. It’s quite a lightweight liquid-y consistency so that could be why it dried so quickly.
  • The lip line rips lovely. Really creamy and outlined my lips nicely.
excuse the picture peeps – it was hard to get a picture on the sly!

After lunch (3.5 hours after first application)

  • It started to fade at the centre maybe from me talking.
  • The edges seemed to have stayed on for longer. The lip liner definitely helped that however.
  • It started to feel really dry and I think it shows on the picture. It started to be a bit uncomfortable which wasn’t nice as I still had a couple more hours to go.


After work (6.5 hours after first application) – indoor lighting.

6.5 hours Later (after my shift)

  • By this point, my lips were super dry and a bit flaky. It was so uncomfortable!
  • It faded just a bit more but like before the edges held on.



I finished the test after 6.5 hours because my lips were so dry and uncomfortable that I had to take it off. I also had a Christmas party to go to that evening and I just couldn’t show up with half faded lipstick – no way!

I found that the inconsistency of the colour continued throughout the day. At first application, it was pink on me. Then as the day progressed it shifted to a mauve colour – so weird. I don’t really mind it too much because if it had faded with that original colour, it would have looked weird. But because it got darker, it looked a bit better with the fade.

This lipstick formula is so lightweight that at first it felt okay on. But as the day progressed it was so dry that I just wanted it off me. I think if I hadn’t scrubbed my lips beforehand it would have felt worse. So if you wanted this, I would recommend you moisturise and scrub your lips before you apply.

I do like the product and would recommend it to people. I just wouldn’t wear it for hours without reapplication or moisturising in between. I would definitely keep lip balm handy next time I wear it.

That’s all for now peeps!


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