5 of our FAVE Eyeshadow Palettes.

Hey all!

So far we have shared with you our MUA highlight collection  & Top 10 makeup we own.

Now we want to venture into our eyeshadow collection. Our eyeshadow collection is getting silly now so we have decided to get rid/donate some of the ones that we never use so once we have sorted all of that out, we will share them with you all. But for now here are 5 of our favourite eyeshadows. Now note that our Soph X palette is not included in this as we go on, and on, and on, about how much we love it so we thought we would give it a break!

1. Primark PS Eye Candy


We bought this around the same time Kylie was releasing her 9 pan palettes. It’s a very nice purple palette.


It’s also our very first Primark eyeshadow palette. We saw it all over Primark’s IG stories and really wanted to try it. Not gonna lie, we didn’t have the highest of expectations with this palette. We didn’t swatch it so we didn’t know the quality and we just weren’t sure how it would perform. But, my goodness were we wrong!!

There are transition shades and  the matte shades in general work well. They blend easy – they aren’t the most pigmented shadows in the world but once you layer the shade, it’s not patchy and the end result looks great. The shimmers are also super shiny and smooth when applied. What’s great about this palette, apart from being affordable, is how versatile it can be for a 9 pan palette. You can go for a simple, everyday muted look and then for the evening smoke out the edges for nighttime glam.


2. MUA Mono Eyeshadow in Copper


Look at that shine!! So first of all, this is only £1 which is amazing for the quality of this eyeshadow. It is super smooth and doesn’t crumble off on the lid. It’s like a foiled eyeshadow consistency. This product is not hyped up enough in our opinion. The pigmentation of this, considering it’s price point is incredible.

3. Makeup Revolution Light + Shade


Excuse how messy our palette looks!

If you are new to makeup, we think this palette is definitely something you need to get. Because of how the shadows are put together, it makes it easier to see what shadows go together. Also, it is a great matte palette – they work well and blend on the lids well. So if you want just a soft, matte everyday look this is great. But because this palette has the black & dark brown shades, you can also create a dark smoky eye with just this one palette.

4. MUA Fire Vixen Palette


This palette is perfect for alll the warm tone lovers out there! We have a couple of the ordinary MUA palettes but this one is unlike those. This may be the first eyeshadow palette we own where the matte shadows perform as well as the shimmer shadows. The mattes are so silky to touch. They are so fine that they blend really well.img_6784

The shimmer shades are really pigmented and metallic even without the use of setting spray.

5, Makeup Revolution Acid Brights Palette


We got this a little while ago on sale in the TAMBeauty website for £1! And for a full palette at that price, we were really excited to try it. It is our go-to palette whenever we want to do something bright or creative along with the MUA Silent Disco palette (we have done a review on this so click here if you want to read it). To be honest, this isn’t the most pigmented palette BUT once you build it up, it really does pay off. We didn’t really think that bright magenta shade would be any good, but it’s actually pretty good. We love the 2 blue shadows in this and use them whenever we do an icy look.


That’s all for now peeps! 

If you want to see more of our eyeshadow collection, let us know!




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