The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lipstick – Wear Test || Review

Price: £6.00

Comfort: 9/10

Opaque: 7/10

Colour: 9/10

Hey all! Sarah here 🙂

This is our first ever Body Shop makeup item. We have tried their other products before specially their skin care things. Seeings as it was Cyber Monday yesterday we thought we would try it out. Normally it cost £6 but because of the sale we got 40% off so it worked out so much cheaper (£3.60). The Body Shop products are cruelty free and they do have a petition to try and ban animal testing completely (if you want to sign, click here). Below is the description online:

Specially formulated to glide on effortlessly like a gloss and set with the rich creamy colour and velvety touch of matte lipstick. Available in 17 shades, our liquid lipstick is long-lasting, lightweight and lusciously soft. And like all our cruelty-free make-up, it’s vegetarian too.

  • Long-lasting Matte Lip Liquid with a velvety finish

  • 100% vegetarian

  • No gluten

  • No carmine

So on our previous lipstick review, we just did a straight up review. For this one I thought I would do a wear test and show you how it held up today. I went out for lunch with a friend today so I think it’s a good test of how it performs. I also only applied once and finished when I felt it needed to be applied again.

First application – Tuscany Lily 035

First Application

  • First of all it smells delicious! It smells like peaches and a bit like the Peaches palette by Primark.
  • Really pigmented when applied. It’s also really creamy and smooth. It has a whipped, almost mousse like consistency.
  • Doesn’t dry immediately. I checked it again after 15 minutes from applying and it didn’t transfer to the back of my hand.
  • Not sticky like a lip gloss but it feels quite tacky when you put your lips together.
After my lunch – excuse the lighting, the pub lights weren’t good and neither were the toilets light!

After my lunch – I had a burger and a drink with a straw.

  • As you can see the edges have held on well which is understandable. My napkin wasn’t covered in lipstick but it did smear a bit in the corners of my lips.
  • The bottom lip definitely looks worse than the top lip.
3.5 hours after first application – Bathroom, natural light

3.5 hours later

  • definitely not as vibrant but has left a nice stain on my lips. Still not my natural lip colour so not bad.
  • Still felt comfortable on. My lips did feel a bit dry but not crazy dry that it’s irritating.


(left) first application – (right) 3.5 hours later

So I reapplied after 3.5 hours as it was pretty obvious that you would need to reapply at that point because it just didn’t look as good anymore.

The website claims that it is “lightweight and lusciously soft” which I definitely agree with. It is really comfortable on and the formula is nice. They do also claim that it is long lasting. It’s not really long lasting as it didn’t quite last all day before I needed to reapply. But considering the formula is more mousse-y and not liquid, I think it lasted a fair amount. The fact that the shade is quite close to my own natural lip colour helped make the gradual fade look okay. I think if I had used a darker or more vibrant shade then it would look worse and I’d have to reapply earlier.

All in all, I really like this product. It could even rival my NYX soft matte lip creams which I am obsessed with! It will probably be in my bag constantly from today. I’m super interested in trying the other shades now that I’ve tried this. I’d definitely recommend this and as an extra, it’s cruelty free!

Click here, if you want to check out the lipsticks. The one I tried today was called Tuscany Lily 035.

That’s all for now!


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