Just Peachy & Cheeky Peachy Review || Review

Hey all! FINALLY getting round to doing this! We have just been so consumed by Halloween and creating Halloween looks that we’ve just not had the time. But it’s back to normal now and let’s gooooooooooooooooo!


1. Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette

Price: £2.50

Blendability: 8/10

Pigmentation:  9/10

Fall Out: some

First things first, the packaging 😍. Very cute, almost kawaii like with the cutesy faces. That centre shade also has the cute face on it. It smells very strongly like peach – really sweet! It has 5 matte shades, 3 shimmers and 1 satin (centre, left).

finger swatch, one swipe, indoor light


  • The price! It is only £2.50 for this entire palette which is such a bargain. sidenote: when we were searching for this palette in various Primarks, I asked a member of staff and she explained to me that Primark is actually changing their beauty section and actively trying to compete with high street beauty brands.
  • It blends beautifully not just on the lid but the shades together blend well.
  • The shimmer shades are great. Without fixing spray it does stay on the lid just fine. It is elevated more when you use fixing spray. They are super creamy and smooth to touch.
  • There are a couple of nice transition shades to work with.
  • The mattes are also a dream to work with. There are some fall out with them but it does blend well.


  • The peach smell can be quite overwhelming. It is such a sweet scent that if you have it opened for too long, it made my head a bit woozy – may just be me though!
  • It only has 1 dark shade to deepen the eyes with. I suppose you can always layer it over in order to darken the shadow more. But I just feel like it is missing maybe a really dark brown too as well as a warm/reddish brown.
  • Not really a con about the quality of the product, but we just find it quite strange that it has been released around autumn time. Peachy themed palettes tend to be more suited to spring or early summer looks rather than autumn/winter.


We really like this product. We don’t use it solely on it’s own unless we were after something cutesy and girly for the day. We normally mix this with other palettes but it is a wonderful palette and well worth a buy.


2. Cheeky Peachy Blush & Highlight Palette

Price: £3.00

Blendability: 7/10

Pigmentation:  7/10

Just like the eyeshadow palette, this has a super cute packaging AND it smells like peach too. I’ve got them swatched on my hand right now and it smells delightful – not as strong as eyeshadow palette. Peach Twist is a gold/champagne highlight, Peachin’ is a matte pinky/peach blush and Sweet Peach is a sparkly pink blush.

finger swatch, one swipe, indoor lighting


  • We like that there are two different blush shades so you can use either (or both if you wish – there are no rules with makeup!) depending on your preference or whatever look you are going for.
  • The blush shades are pigmented when switched but is quite soft when applied. Soft blushes are much better than super pigmented blush as it is more forgiving when applying. You won’t end up with crazy pink cheeks because when layered it comes across quite soft.


  • The highlight – we first used it on the brow bone and it highlighted it nicely. But when we use it on the cheeks, the shine spreads more and the shine disappears. It is such a shame because it is a vibrant gold/champagne when we used it on the brow bone.
  • Not too keen on the glitter on Sweet Peach. It just spreads the glitter all over the face when applied. We don’t really mind shimmer blush and sometime we use it. But it’s just not good when the glitter goes all over, like on the nose or something.


This product is okay. I don’t know why it’s more expensive than the eyeshadows. Personally, we don’t reach for this often enough and even though we like the matte blush, there are others that we prefer more and use more.

If you had to choose between the two products, we would recommend the eyeshadow palette more. For how much it is, it’s worth buying and playing with. For example, if you’ve never tried a peachy look before or unsure if you want to buy the TooFaced Sweet Peach palette. We’d recommend getting this and playing with it first to see if it is for you before purchasing anything expensive. Yeah, it’s not an exact dupe of the TooFaced palette however it’s a cheap but worth it product that you can afford to just be your play thing almost. This may be a limited thing because we’ve not seen Primark’s Eye Candy and Cotton Candy collections in stores anymore so have a check 😊.


Til next time folks,


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  1. Siyana says:

    It’s super adorable! I’m actually surprised to be that good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sahallyloves says:

      I know what you mean! It’s incredible for how much it is 😊


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