Freedom Highlight & Eye Foils || Review


Freedom Magnetic Palette – TOP ROW: Contour 02, Highlight Prism, Highlight New Era & Highlight Enchanted BOTTOM LEFT (top to bottom, left to right): Eye Foils in Smitten, Innocence, Deluxe, Reputation, Settle Down

Hey all!

This review is going to be a bit different – instead of just reviewing the shadows & highlight, we are reviewing everything including the magnetic palette. Just a few Pros and Cons that we’ve found when we use these. We’ve had these for a couple of months now and been using it on & off since then. So let’s do this!

1. Freedom Magnetic Palette

Just FYI according to the TAMBeauty website, this palette can hold up to 18 eyeshadows and 8 contour/highlight/blush pans.

It also costs £5.00.


  • It can hold quite a bit of product. 18 eyeshadows is quite a lot and allows you to create your own palette which is really handy if you travel a lot or a professional makeup artist.
  • HUGE mirror. Again super handy as you can just use this as your main palette with all your go to shadows.
  • Not flimsy at all. Sometimes you get palettes that have cheap packaging that you know will break after a couple of uses, but this seems quite sturdy.
  • It’s £5! A mini Z Palette from Beauty Bay is £4.50 and can only hold 3 shades whereas this one can hold a lot more.


  • This one is super picky but it does get dirty so easily. The outside is has our horrible fingerprints all over it which isn’t nice. However that doesn’t really affect anything too much – like I said, just being picky.

Eye Foils HD Bare

2. Freedom Eye Foils HD Bare

Price: £5.00

Blendability: 7/10

Pigmentation:  9/10

Fall Out: some

This pack contains 5 metallic shadows – 3 are in the brown family, 1 is more grey toned than warm and 1 is off white/cream colour. The pigmentation of these shadows are amazing. Whether you are swatching it with a brush or finger, it really packs a punch. It does mean that there is a bit of fall out when applying but if you spritz your brush with fix spray that should help that out. All shadows are smooth and buttery to touch.

Finger swatch. Left to right: Settle Down, Reputation, Deluxe, Smitten & Innocence

Settle Down: one of our faves! A rose gold tone to it. Has some chunks of glitter

Reputation: metallic brown. Smoother texture than the previous shade – no big chunks of glitter.

Deluxe: the best out of all 5! Copper shade. Bit chunky but super metallic

Smitten: grey toned brown shade. Almost steel like shade.

Innocence: pale, off white/cream shade. This one needs fix spray in order for it to have intensity.


3. Freedom HD Cold Light 1

Price: £5.00

Pigmentation: 7/10

Consistency: 7/10

This pack contains 3 highlighters – 2 powder and 1 cream. All three are really interesting colours especially the cream, which comes out blue. To be honest, these aren’t our “go to” highlights. They are pretty but just NOTHING compared to the Sleek Solstice palette. Whenever we see a lilac highlight, we always compare it to the Solstice palette and unfortunately this just doesn’t quite cut it. I think it’s because the formula is a bit like some of the eyeshadows, slightly chunky. So it does glisten in the light but it kind of goes all over the place rather than where you want to put it. They are workable and give a nice shine when applied however. The cream highlight is pretty and would be good underneath another blue highlight. We don’t really get on well with cream products whether it be blush, contour or highlight so we have yet to test drive this.

Finger swatch. Top to bottom: Prism, Enchanted & New Era

Prism: lilac powder highlight. The most blinding out of the 3.

Enchanted: yellowy-green powder highlight.

New Era: iridescent blue cream highlight.



The palette itself is well worth getting. This is a good, affordable alternative to a Z Palette. It’s also sturdy and really good value for money. The eyeshadows are much better than the highlights – personally! The eyeshadows are buttery and pigmented. The highlighters aren’t bad but we just don’t gravitate towards it as much.


That’s all for now guys and gals. See you next time!






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