Halloween Looks Pt 3 || Looks


Hey all!

Week 3 now and October is nearly finished! Also can you tell we have been put off using liquid latex?? It was super hard to use last time that we chickened out this past week – BUT we will try it again 😀

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1. Jade from Bratz (Kool Kat)

We saw a few posts recently with people doing Bratz makeup looks and they were sooo good, we decided to try it out too. Having been huge fans when we were kids we used Hayden Williams illustrations as inspiration – his artwork and designs are incredible and you really need to check it out! We used Jade to base our look on as she was our favourite. It’s a very glam, smokey look and the tricky bit was to emulate the signature Bratz lips. Fortunately Ally has beautiful plump lips anyway so it was just a matter of a bit of overlining and using gloss on top of the matte lipstick to create the illusion of volume. Specifically highlighting and adding more gloss around the cupids bow to make it look super plump. For a list of items used, click here.

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2. Patchwork Face

This was fun to create. We wanted to do a zombie/Frankenstein’s monster type look mixed with Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. So this was the compromise! The patches have a white or grey base from the Freedom SFX kit and I used powder to intensify the base colour or add more depth. For a list of items used, click here.

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3. Pastel/Glowy Cat

Halloween is not Halloween without someone dressing up as a cat! Now we have done cat makeup before a couple of times so we thought we would do a spin on it this year. We were inspired by Ally’s holographic cat ears – now as much as we want it there are no LEGIT holographic makeup out yet (apart from loose glitters). Instead we used pastel shades around the eyes and A LOT of highlight! We used a mix of I Heart Makeup LDN Unicorn Hearts and Lottie London highlight quad in Holographic Haul. For list of items used and more, click here.


That’s all for now folks! Hope you have a great Monday and see you soon!

Peace & Love ❤️

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