Anti Haul – What won’t we buy and why?!


Hey all! We hope you are having a good Friday so far!

We thought we would come here today and write this together. Just a clarify, this post is by no means a hate or shadey post at all. Some of these brands we love – it’s just some of the products are not for us at all.

Ally’s #1 – E.L.F highlighters

Heard about this online and it was really hyped so I bought it to see if it was worth it. The highlighter “Moonlight Pearls” was not as pigmented as I usually like my highlight. We even scraped off the top layer to see if that would make a difference, which it didn’t. I’d say this is for those who like natural/ subtle makeup but personally, I’m more for a blinding finish so E.L.F highlighters aren’t something I would buy again. 

Sarah’s #1 – Kylie Cosmetics

The main issue I have with this particular brand is the fact that shipping it to the UK is super pricey. The cost of the products are already quite expensive, but adding shipping and customs fees would make everything cost a LOT of money. And I know there is a lot of hype about her liquid lipstick and we do own one (which Ally got from depop) but if you compare her formula to others that are available here in the UK, there are brands that have virtually the same formula – for a fraction of the price too. 

Ally’s #2 – MUA LUXE

Just to clarify, I love the MUA highlighters especially the “Undress Your Skin” powder highlighters since they are a favourite of mine. When we heard about the LUXE range, we had to try some out. However, once we got the “LUXE Highlight Quad” and tried it, I was disappointed since their formulas for their other highlighters were really pigmented and blinding and this wasn’t. With the LUXE Highlight Quad, it felt more like setting powder than a set of highlights that are supposed to glow. The liquid lipstick from the LUXE range also sucks the moisture from your lips to the point you can see cracks and lines, so it does not have a smooth, plump finish. The colour was nice I chose but the formula was uncomfortable to wear. It just put us off the LUXE range as a whole but we still love MUA. 

Sarah’s #2 – H&M

Not really a beauty/makeup thing but hear me out. My issue with H&M is their sizing and I have heard this same thing from loads of different people too. I don’t know what size guidelines they are using but it is utterly terrible. I am a size 14/16 and the items they have in that size is FAR too small for me – so when I try them out and they don’t fit, I automatically feel awful and fat and everything negative. And that’s not cool. Ally went in there once for a pair of shorts and the size 16 pair was too SMALL for her – she is a size 8-10. Really it is ridiculous and I hope they change things because I’ve looked in there recently and they have some amazing things. But I know for a fact that if I even try it on, I will end up walking out absolutely pissed off. 

Ally #3 – Stick Foundations

This is just personal taste for my type of skin, just as a disclaimer. I find that stick foundations just do not feel nice to apply on my skin since it reminds me of chapsticks. Usually the foundation gets dry when applied and doesn’t blend as well as liquid foundations do.

Sarah’s #3 – AVON Makeup

Absolutely no hate towards AVON – I use their shower gel, room spray and hair products with no problems at all. Their makeup line even works for Ally and our mum so this may just be me. But there is an ingredient they use especially in their lip products that I am allergic to and has caused my lips to swell up. Their face sunscreen has it too. When my mum got me to use it over the summer on my face and arms, they were swollen with rashes the next day. My cheeks and forearms were covered in rashes. My lips – which I didn’t even think touched the sunscreen – was swollen too. Just not good for me at all and wouldn’t purchase it ever.

Ally #4 – Benefit They’re Real Mascara

I love Benefit cosmetics and their products, especially their brow stuff. However ,one of their mascaras, the “They’re Real!” mascara was not worth buying for me. I have gotten minis in gift sets and I always found the formula to stick to the tips of my lashes in tiny clumps and they do not volumise them either. I love their “Rollerlash” but not “They’re Real!” mascara for its formula. 


That’s all for now folks! Hope you have a great weekend.

Peace & Love ❤️


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