Barry M Crown Jewels & Fall In Love Palettes || Look & Review


Hey all!

FINALLY we have gotten round to reviewing & showing you the look we created using the Barry M Crown Jewels and Fall in Love Eyeshadow Palette. If you aren’t familiar with Barry M, it is a makeup brand available here in the UK at Superdrug and Boots – I think they have also feeling at some Tesco but I’m not sure. It is really affordable and also cruelty free. On their website, they have a petition to stop animal cruelty and if you are interested in signing up, click here.

We’re going to be honest with you and say that our expectation wasn’t very high when we bought these. We’ve tried a few Barry M eyeshadows before, mainly the Natural palette and Get Shapey brow and eyeshadow kit. And both these products were super disappointing. BUT happy to say, we have been super happy with them so far!

So let’s get to the products:

finger swatch, one swipe, indoor, no flash, natural lighting
Price: £6.49

Blendability: 7/10

Pigmentation: 8.5/10

Fall Out: little

There are 10 matte shades in this palette with a mixture of warm and cool tones. The cool shades are good transition shades. They blended out nicely which was the issue with the other palettes we have tried before. The red shade was vibrant when first applied – lovely shade to create a warm autumnal look! Super pretty and pigmented. The darkest shade was a bit meh but still okay.

finger swatch, one swipe, indoors, natural lighting, no flash
Price: £6.49

Blendability: 8/10

Pigmentation: 9/10

Fall Out: very little

Our favourite of the two! This palette is just shimmer shadows and all 10 have that metallic sheen to it. The one negative about this palette is the lack of transition shade in it but if you mix or work it with the other palette, they blend together well. That turquoise shade immediately caught our eyes and we just had to use it. We used it for the lower lash line and it had no fall out – even without using some sort of fixing spray. It’s quite common especially with drugstore makeup to have to use fixing spray just to enhance the shine. But this didn’t need it which was a pleasant surprise! We then used the gold (4th swatch along) all over the lid. That had some fall out and we did have to use some fix spray on that just to keep it in place.

Overall these two palettes are really good. Definitely miles better than their old palettes. I don’t know if they are meant to be used together but the combination of colours between the two palettes are beautiful and they definitely compliment each other.

For a list products used in this look, please check below. We hope you have a great rest of the day!

Peace & Love ❤️

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Primark PS My Perfect Colour Finish Foundation in Nude

Barry M Cosmetics Liquid Chrome in Moon Potion

Primark PS My Perfect Colour Liquid Concealer in Porcelain

Primark PS Setting Powder

Makeup Revolution Soph X Eyeshadow Palette (using shade PUG as contour)

Miss Sporty Blush 001 Luminous Beige



Freedom Pro Eye Primer

Benefit Cosmetics Rollerlash Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow 5

MUA Pro Brow in Dark

Barry M Fall in Love Eyeshadow Palette

Barry M Crown Jewels Eyeshadow Palette



Collection Velvet Kiss in Caramel

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