Melted Matte – Whos Zoomin Who || Review


Price: £19.00

Comfort: 8/10

Opaque: 9/10

Colour: 8/10

Hey all! Sarah here! It feels like it has been a while since we last posted a review – then I checked and it was a while ago now! We have so far only reviewed eyeshadow palettes so we thought we would venture into the lip category and share with you our thoughts on this lip product.

We already have the Melted Matte in the shade Lady Balls, which is a nice vibrant red colour. Too Faced products are available in Debenhams here in the UK both online and in store. We wanted to experiment more with fun colours especially lip colours so we went for this blue/dark purple shade. It looks blue in the tube but once applied it has a dark purple/indigo tinge to it.


indoors, natural lighting

It is £19 here in the UK – we are drugstore babies and this was something that we saved up for AND we used our Debenhams points too 😂. It is a pricey product mainly because you can get really good matte liquid lipsticks from the drugstore now. However, we really like formula of this product.

I tried this product on before Ally did. It was such a risk because I have super sensitive skin – that’s why I don’t wear the makeup and only test a few items out. And there are certain products I cannot use because my lips just swell up for days and it’s not a pretty experience at all. I had high hopes for this because, let’s face it, when we pay a LOT of money for something we expect the best or at least very good quality. So this was exactly what I was expecting with this product. It feels super comfortable on and doesn’t feel like  my lips are drying up. Sometimes lip products (especially matte ones) can make one’s lips feel like there is a tight film covering the lips – this one doesn’t have that.

As far as we are aware, colours like purples and blues are quite difficult to make so most of the time, they can be quite sheer and just not work. This one is opaque upon application so we had no trouble with it. However, because it is quite an “out there” colour, we would suggest using a lip liner. NYX has an array of different coloured lip liners or Max Factor has a universal lip liner that works really well.

I know you can’t quite tell on the picture, but I am a bit darker than Ally and the colour works on both of us. For me personally, because I have big lips, the colour actually compliments me. Whilst Ally’s lips are slightly smaller than mine and it makes hers look plump. According to the TooFaced website the lip product is “infused with a no-sting lip plumper and filler” which could be why.

So all in all, now that winter is creeping I think we start using this more and more now. If you just like the colour or maybe not wanting to pay that much or not a fan of the brand, there are other options. We follow this page on Instagram called @allintheblush and she posts dupes of a lot of things – which is so amazing! And she has one for Who’s Zoomin’ Who. I’m sorry if you are from the UK because this list comprised of American brands. However, Urban Decay is featured on the list and that’s available in Debenhams 🙂.

If you are interested in buying the product, click here for US and here for UK.

That’s all folks. Peace & Love ❤️

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