Halloween Looks Pt 1 || Looks

Hey all – Sarah here! We hope you have had an amazing weekend ❣️

When October rolls around, we always just think one thing – HALLOWEEN!

So over on our IG we decided to post Halloween looks allllllllll month. So far, we have been having a lot of fun playing with fake blood and liquid latex! Latex is super hard! Honestly, we have found it difficult to manipulate – neither one of us are makeup or sfx trained so we do make a lot of mistakes! However playing around with makeup and shading has been a fun challenge 😊


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1. Creepy Broken Doll

This was fun and a pain to do! Our liquid eyeliners all decided to dry up at once and we used individual lashes 😫 – I don’t know what we were thinking but I think the finished product looks very good. FUN FACT: my room used to have SO many creepy dolls! They were my older sister’s dolls and my parents said to leave them where they are. I still don’t know how I managed to sleep in there with them!!! 

For more pictures and list of products, click here.


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 2. Just Eaten Vampire

We couldn’t do Halloween looks without doing vampire! This was the first time we used the fake blood. It’s not very much but we thought we would be conservative with it just for this look. I think the little drips kind of make the look more glam and sexy rather than pure scary. Also we tried the diffused lip technique. All about layering colours and saturating the dark colours in the middle. We used an eyeshadow blending brush to create the faded red around the outside. Super fun to create! We will definitely have to try it again and maybe see if it works with other colours 😊.

For a list of products used, click here.

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3. Sparkly Mermaid

Sometimes people don’t do scary Halloween looks and often opt for more fun makeup – if that’s you, this is for you! We used a lot of sparkle, glitter and highlight to create that glistening scales effect. It’s not too crazy – aside from the glitter lips – so perfect for going out on Halloween night! 

For more, click here.
That’s all for now guys!

Hope you all have a great Sunday and rest of the week.

Peace & love ❤️ 

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