Makeup Haul ♥


Hey all!

Just a quick one for today – mainly because we are so excited to try these out!

We went to Colchester the other day – it was payday after all! – and had a mini splurge. I say mini because really all these items are super affordable so it wasn’t like we were breaking the bank.

  • Urban Decay TroubleMaker Mascara

We love Urban Decay and we save up our money just so we can buy a specific product we like. We’ve seen this mascara ALL OVER YouTube and Ally decided to buy just the mini one. Which I thought was a good thing as mini’s are always good for trying before fully committing to a product.

  • I ♥ Makeup Fixing Spray 

We were running out of fix spray so we purchased this from Superdrug. The Colchester Superdrug is our fave to go just because it is so much bigger with a wide variety of products and brands. We got this from their Makeup Revolution section. If you weren’t aware, Makeup Revolution, Freedom, I Heart Makeup and Makeup Obsession comes under the TAM Beauty family and are all sold in the TAM Beauty website. The last fix spray we had was the Revolution Pro Fix and we really liked that. So because they are all under the same umbrella, we thought we’d give this one a try.

  • Lottie London Slay All Day Lip Kit in #TBT & Shimmer Squad in Holographic Haul

We have got a few Lottie London items, including a couple of their liquid lipsticks and their Rainbow Highlighter. Lottie London items tend to be really good quality especially their liquid lipsticks. The nude shades are really opaque and comfortable on. We have a turquoise lipstick called Queen too but that is quite sheer when applied whereas their nude shades as amazing. Superdrug currently has a ‘buy one, get one half price’ deal on for Lottie London products so we also got the Holographic Haul highlight palette. It is beautiful but definitely NOT holographic – just saying!

  • Primark Cheeky Peachy Blush & Highlight Palette Just Peachy Eye Shadow Palette 

We have been after these ruddy things since Primark teased about it their IG stories – and that was at least a month ago! We’ve been to loads of different Primarks – we have no Primark in our little town so we’ve had to drive to other places just to see if they stocked it – and in hindsight (ahh what a cruel mistress!), we probably should have called up first before driving around – but we FINALLY got our mitts on them! We have quite high hopes for these palettes mainly because their previous Candy Collection (Eye Candy and Cotton Candy) palettes were awesome. So we are really looking forward to playing with these. They do smell so much like peaches. In my opinion, I think they may ave released this a bit late. The colours remind me of spring or early summer and we are pretty much coming up to winter now, at least where we are anyway. But we will see!


That’s all for now folks, see you later!

Peace & Love ❤️


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