September Faves


Hey all, Sarah here!

Hope you are all having a great day! It is finally October – it has come so quick!? And now it is time to do our September Faves. We’ve never done this before even on our Instagram page so this is completely new to us – if we get it wrong please bare with us. Also apologies if this comes quite late. I am currently having to wrestle with our cat because she is demanding my attention and keeps sitting on the keyboard 😂 – she’s mad!


^^ I know it’s not makeup related but look at how much she doesn’t care 😂

Anyway let’s kick this faves off withhhhhhh…..img_4711

  1. Primark Setting Powder:

First reason why we love it – it costs £3! For a loose setting powder that ACTUALLY works and delivers what is says it supposedly does, it’s a ruddy bargain! We have been using it pretty much every day so far. We went to Primark last weekend, and I didn’t see any more of this on the shelves which makes me think that other people must have liked it too. We have a tan skin tone, Ally is a lot lighter than I am but this works for both of us. If you have fair or porcelain skin, this would probably come across quite dark as it’s essentially a ‘banana’ powder so it may not work for you.


2. Soph X Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

Not really a shock!

We love Soph’s palette – it really is versatile and you can make a lot of different looks using the shades in it. The shade PUG is our fave, just because it is a great contour shade for Ally. Not so much me as I’m bit darker than Ally but because I apply her makeup, it makes contouring easier. And it doesn’t look muddy which is a revelation to us!! If you want to know more, here is our review.


3. Barry M Liquid Chrome

When these FINALLY arrived at our local Superdrug we immediately grabbed and bought them. They only had these 3 available and I think there are 5 shades in total. We have so far only tried Beam Me Up (far left, champagne colour) & Moon Potion (far right, iridescent blue) and we have put them on before foundation to give a really nice glow. Not usually a fan of highlighters that aren’t in powder form. Even cream highlighters just don’t really perform anywhere near as good as powder ones. But these are really metallic and gives a great shine. We don’t have any of the Iconic London drops or Cover FX one’s because they are just super expensive. This, however is a nice cheap alternative and really a great starter before purchasing and trying the more expensive ones anyway.


4. Barry M Crown Jewels

We have yet to post the look we created with this and the Fall in Love palette. I’m so sorry about that – that is totally my bad! We’ve done the look and it is ready to be posted; I just got super excited about Halloween and Halloween makeup that that overtook it BUT I will post it soon I promise! This palette has only shimmers in it but because it was released at the same time as the Fall in Love palette, we are assuming you are supposed to use them together (which is what we did). I’ve read a lot of reviews about them and people have said that the palettes together are a Subculture dupe, which I can see. A lot of the colours are similar. We love this palette because the shimmer are pigmented and, for us, didn’t need fix spray to intensify it. Not that using fix spray is necessarily a bad thing, we are super lazy and just want things to work immediately 😂.


5. Primark Aqua Lash Mascara

Since doing the Full Face of only Primark Makeup, this has been a staple. When we were selecting a mascara in Primark, we literally picked this up with no expectations, we didn’t read anything about it. We were like, “oh if it doesn’t work that’s okay, it was only £2 so no pressure.” It says that is is ‘lengthening’ and ‘mega volume’. I wouldn’t say it was completely volumising but it definitely lengthened the lashes by a lot. The eyes looks more wide awake when we use this. Recently Ally bought a mini Troublemaker Mascara just to see how it is, and to be honest we prefer the Aqua Lash more. If you want any comparison posts, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to do it!


6. Primark My Perfect Colour Foundation

£2.50! This foundation is £2.50?! Need I say more??…. I do 😊

So this says it is a medium coverage foundation but when we apply it with a brush than a sponge, the coverage is a lot better and we don’t tend to do another layer. Now for the price, you would totally expect this to be a rubbish foundation – I remember being 12 or 13 (2002/2003 😩) trying out the CHEAPEST foundations in the drugstore and just looking caked and dry and awful. But nowadays cheaper makeup can be quality makeup too and this product proves that. We have combination skin with dry patches here and there, but this doesn’t pick up on that. The skin also looks quite flawless which understandably is a shock. As the day goes on, it begins to look more and more like your actual skin. Love this foundation!

Right now I need to go apologise to Willow (the cat) for denying her the laptop-bed!

Hope you all have a great rest of the day and week!

Peace & Love ❤️



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