Full Face Using Only Primark Makeup || Look&Review


Hey all!

Can you believe this whole makeup look cost under £30?! Primark has been steadily increasing their makeup range for a while now with some of them actually being as good as some makeup brands. I read somewhere that the Primark Master palettes are as good as the MAC palettes.

what we used for todays look
  • PS My Perfect Colour Perfect Finish Foundation in Nude – £2.50
  • PS My Perfect Colour Liquid Concealer in Porcelain – £2
  • PS Setting Powder – £3
  • PS Ultimate Face Sculpting Palette – £6
  • PS Aqua Lash Waterproof Mascara – £2
  • PS Pure Glow Highlighter in Rose Prosecco – £3
  • PS Pure Glow Highlighting Palette – £5
  • PS Fine Liner Pen in Black – £1.50
  • PS Matte Liquid Lipstick in Chocolate Brownie – £3

So now let’s break it down:

Foundation: This along with the concealer were new to the range when we got them. There are 16 shades which is pretty good considering Primark is clothes shop and not a makeup brand. It is semi matte, which is good as Ally has combination skin with dry patches. It didn’t cling on to any of the dry patches but it did mattify the face. The coverage was really good – medium coverage even when I applied it with a makeup sponge.

Concealer: We got the shade porcelain which really brightened up under the eyes. Ally mentioned that she likes the feel of the concealer as it’s not drying or cakey. We’ve tried a few concealers that feel super heavy and dries so quickly.

Setting Powder: This reminded us of the Ben Nye Banana Powder which we haven’t tried so we thought we would try this one out. We used it for baking and it did set everything in and made the under eye look super smooth. I don’t know if it mattified anything though because the foundation is matte. But it didn’t make the face cakey which is a plus.

Face Sculpting Palette: The most expensive item we bought. It is complete however with contour, bronzer, powder and highlight. It also has 3 shades for eyebrows and 6 eyeshadows. Brow powders were good – they created nice soft brows. The face powders are pigmented so use a heavy hand. I went a bit crazy on Ally’s cheek and made it look a bit muddy 😫. The eyeshadows weren’t that great. We have the PS Eye Candy and PS Cotton Candy eyeshadows and LOVE them! They are pigmented and blends super easy. But these were quite powdery and difficult to blend out.

Highlight Palette: LOVE this highlight palette. It gives a gorgeous metallic glow.

Rose Prosecco: We used this as more of a blush even though it is advertised as highlight. It’s very subtle when you use it as blush. The colour disappears and leaves a nice gold sheen on the cheeks.

Mascara: This mascara is amazing! It has a plastic wand which is also flexible. It really lengthens the lashes and doesn’t spray out product when applying.

Liner: It has a sponge tip rather than fibres. It is thin which helps create a more precise wing. Really pigmented and dries really quick.

Lip Kit: Now we have had this for a while now as this was released months ago. And it is AMAZING! It easily can compete with some high end lip brands out there. It quite a liquidy formula, very runny. That also makes it really light upon application and light on the lips too. Really opaque and comfortable on. We have a Kylie lip kit and honestly, we grab this kit more than Kylie’s. No shade but personally we think this is better. And really easy to get especially here in the UK.

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Primark has been stepping their game up recently! I can see us reaching for this foundation over and over again. Same again for the concealer and setting powders. Maybe not the eyeshadows so much but we have other better Primark eyeshadows to use. I think if you are a makeup novice, like us, and want to try and play around with makeup and not have to spend a ridiculous amount of money, then go to Primark and get their makeup. They are cheap but the quality of the products are very good.

Ooh and before I forget, Happy Hump Day everyone!

Peace and love to you all ❤️

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