Soph X Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette || Review


Price: £10

Blendability: 4.5/5

Pigmentation: 4/5

Fall Out: very little

Hey all! Now we are super excited about this palette! You know we will be honest with you guys, and we are subscribers to Soph – if you don’t know she is a YouTuber and her channel is sophdoesnails – despite all this and how much we love her, we will still be honest about the product.

We also created a look with this palette, if you want have a look click here.


This palette has been a long time coming – Soph was posting sneak peeks on her social media and when she finally announced it, we just had to have it. Not just to support Soph but also because we think Makeup Revolution is a great brand with regards to eyeshadow palettes and the majority of our eyeshadow palettes are Makeup Revolution.

finger swatch, one swipe, indoors, natural light
As you can see from above, the shadows watched nicely and the pigmentation is there. There are 24 shades, 10 of them are shimmers and the rest are mattes. The shimmer shades are buttery when you swatch it and has a nice intense shimmer to it. This palette is very warm toned and quite a nice autumnal palette but if you are into your warm tones then you can wear this all the time.

SHIMMERS: There are 10 which range from a nice frosty pink to coppers and bronze shades. Mixed Berries is a pretty purple, almost magenta kind of shade. Then there are two greenish shimmers which are sort of duochrome. Pine Tree is a green shadow but reflects gold when light hits it. Petrol is a green that shifts into a purpley, brown. Interestingly, this shade is super similar to a shadow called “Lounge” in the Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box which was the shade that made me buy the palette!

LEFT – Urban Decay “Lounge” // RIGHT – Soph X “Petrol”
MATTES: The matte shades blended out nicely with little fall out. I found that the shade Cuppa Tea was a lot darker on the lid than on the pan which isn’t a bad thing as it didn’t ruin the look we were creating. The shimmers (we used Pink Champagne and Mixed Berries) had more fall out than the mattes.

Personally for us, this is quite good for travelling. The last 3 dark shades (left to right, Mug Cake, Rosewood & Nightmare) are perfect for our brows. Mug Cake and Nightmare, for us, creates a great ombre brow. Now Soph in her palette reveal video said she thinks that the shade Pug (5th shade from the left, arm below) would be a good contour shade for lighter skin tones. Now we, especially Ally, are tanned (we are Filipino btw) but sometimes we are quite a light tan shade. So we thought why not try it out, if it doesn’t work then the worst thing that could happen is that it wouldn’t show up. BUT it actually worked! Ally’s cheek looked carved – we are not very good at contouring so it was a nice shock to actually get it looking good.


The palette has a great variety of shades that would suit a lot of people. For us, it’s a great all round palette. We can do our eyes, brow & contour with one palette which is quite handy. My only concern is that Pug is quite a small pan and if we constantly use it, it’s going to run out quick and I don’t want to buy the entire palette again just for one shade. So I hope they release it separately because it’s a revelation to us!

Anyway, peace and love to you all ❤️

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