MUA Silent Disco Eyeshadow Palette || Review


Price – £4

Blendability – 4/5

Pigmentation – 3/5

Happy Sunday everyone! We thought we would post a review today of this pretty eyeshadow palette 😊. We are drugstore/affordable makeup lovers. It would have to be a really good product for us to even think about parting ways with our money – especially if we could’ve used that money for pizza!

We bought this a while ago now and have been using it for a few looks now (we will post them but they are also on our Instagram).

Finger swatch, indoors, natural light, one swipe

Both the blue shades have a shimmer to them. The green from the top row and the purple shade are also shimmers. The rest are matte shades. As you can see from the swatch, the bright blue shadow is super pigmented! It has a nice shimmer to it too. The light blue one is nice for a cut crease or inner corner highlight. The other shimmer need more building in order to get that desired shine. The matte shadows have alright pigmentation, but the brighter shades (yellow, orange & red) did disappear somewhat after blending so you’d want to build it up in order to make it brighter.





Considering this palette is a bargain at £4, you do get more than your money’s worth. The shimmer shades are pretty and easy to work with. The mattes are blendable and buildable – which makes up for lack of pigmentation from some shades.

Anyway, hope the rest of your weekend goes beautifully.

Peace and love ❤️

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